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What a butthead..he gets to stay in his 20’s for two more years and here I am approaching THIRTY in 2 days! Haha! No no, it’s okay..I always get to hold the “respect your elders” card over him. It works wonders. He listens to his older lady and knows I know best..HAHA!

He’s a wonderful man. I don’t know anyone who’s ever met him and not liked him. He’s kind-hearted and he’s SO my kind of man. He makes everyone feel welcome in his presence and he compliments tons like I do. He just wants people to be happy. We are a lot alike in that respect but there is a calmness he has that I don’t, and I appreciate it because it balances me.

We made so many huge life decisions together this year. He’ll say it’s because of me that we’re down here..but it couldn’t have happened without him agreeing to commute. The man gets up before 6am to start getting ready to make sure he’s at work by 8am. He gets home around 6-6:30 and then takes care of the girls so I can work and does it all again the next day.

Thanks to my clients understanding and being so amazingly respectful of it, we’ve gotten our life and relationship back together by me only shooting sessions (Bridals, engagements, etc) on the weekdays. The girls would never get real quality time with the both of their parents without that so it’s VERY appreciated! Just like any small business, I can choose my own hours and one day my clients who have babies will TOTALLY get it and I think that’s why they’re so amazing about it now!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY. I love you. You’re all mine, you’ve changed my whole life and given me all my dreams from the two girls to the business owning to now living in my favorite place in the world. You have all of me forever <3


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  1. Your both still young’ins☺Looking fantastic.

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