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Another simple life, get rid of your stuff, throw out everything you own post courtesy of Amanda Hedgepeth! HERE she goes again, you say? I know, I’m sorry. I’m a HUGE fan on minimizing things right now! When we packed that UHAUL from Montrose Drive to head to Kitty Hawk — I thought we had minimized already. I thought, we threw SO much out, this shouldn’t be bad!

NO– we still had so much! We filled the whole thing. It was crazy! But we don’t own TONS of frivolous things, we actually just have lots of stuff we kinda like and that’s what’s hard. I had spent years trying to “catch up” and buy nice things from nice stores, lots of TJ Maxx pretty goodies all over. For what? I mean, honestly, we just had too much and we have spent month after month going through rooms and re-going through the room months later figuring out what we REALLY NEED. What can we donate? I love that top but come on, haven’t worn it in three years. At all. Time to go! This simple life — having less, it’s having more in so many ways. I have less to clean, polish, wipe, dust and pick up. And I have more time for better things, like love, family, daughters, clients and faith now.

So– your workflow. It needs to be simple, too. Your desk area ohhhhhhh CLEAN IT SISTER. If your desk looks crazy, you may be feeling overwhelmed and avoiding your own work! If you have a clean workspace you are SO much more likely to get work done and want to sit there diligently and get through the load of emails! If you sit at a desk full of trash, papers, bills, clutter– you feel good? Do you? No…not if you’re me. Some of you are like yeah, I have food wrappers and paperwork all over the place and it doesn’t bother me!

Well– congratulations, you are the polar opposite human of me and we can NOT be friends, hahaha, jk! We can, but I can’t come see your home, it will stress me out!

I used to have a big office area with lots of shelves, things, baskets, etc. Binders, TONS of magazines, etc. But now…it’s minimal. I got rid of things I really physically DO NOT NEED and made the tiniest but most efficient space for my “office” which by the way, is in the same room as a crib AND toddler bed. See how minimal we are? Two bedrooms. LOL! Four people, who cares! It’s not about the space right now! We just do what we can with what we have– but minimal everything helps.

No need for tons and tons of stuff on the walls, at your desk. Empty your drawers out, you don’t need 17 highlighters, you just need one of each color 🙂 Donate or set aside in a little plastic bin all of your spare and extra pens and stuff and let the DRAWER be clean and empty! Paperwork– get folders. Binders. File but only what you NEED to keep filed. Keep only a few books out and in sight, keep the rest tucked away neatly! Picture frames on my desk? TINY, taking up little room. A small fan, a clear bin with card reader, a couple of little things I need here and there, external hard drive, etc. Everything is white, the shelves and book shelf are from Walmart, desk is kid’s desk from Target and side table from Garden Ridge. Equipment, cards, cameras, lenses all in two different baskets tucked neatly and pretty. Printer on bottom shelf. Just — clean! Easy! Not Pinterest perfect and incredible, but pretty to ME and clean and easy to manage!

Workflow comes from organization and self structuring. Organization is effected by environment. If your environment is chaotic — chances are, if you even HAVE a workflow, it feels disrupted with all of this mess around constantly! What’s sitting in your office right now that you don’t need!? I LOVE wedding magazines but I realized I had about 15 yesterday that are so old just taking up space. SO much room saved! A clean space is a healthy work environment that you would actually WANT to spend time in!!


2015-02-18_0001 ahp-office-2

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  1. Emily says:

    LOVE IT! Less truly is more 🙂 I’m working on this! I’m the same as you…..clutter drives me nuts! You should check out a book called It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh. He’s the guy who used to do one of those clutter shows.

  2. You the cutest office ever!!! I can just see you working here!! It’s perfect for you!! <3

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