Molly + Brendan | Yorktown Waterfront Engagements

Okay Molly and Brendan, you have completely stolen my heart! The two of you are not only some of the most adorable people I’ve ever seen but you are so, so, so down to Earth and you treated me like we had been friends for years. I’m walking off at the end of the session to do some ring shots and we had been freezing the whole time and Molly gives me her jacket so I won’t continue to freeze…I just love her for that! Brendan and Molly are the kind of couple guaranteed to make the best out of everything which means they have an incredible future ahead of them. I’m not even sure as much as I looooove my Mike that I would have been able to commit to shooting the entire time in this weather without getting slightly impatient or snappy but these two totally held their own and pushed through!

Will you be able to tell it was extremely crazy windy and FREEZING during this session!? No! You really won’t! Except some awesome windblown hair of Molly’s awesome blonde locks, you will see two people who are just happy to be getting married so soon. I am honored to be a part of their love story and document such a genuine and considerate couple! Literally to this minute still, as I prepare their blog..I am in awe of how we got through this session with the conditions we had and I can NOT thank you guys enough for being everything and more that I could ever, ever hope for in a couple! THANK YOU!! See you again really soon for your next big life adventure together! 🙂

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    Gosh, I just love these!! Beautiful work!!

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