Moms That Break Rules | New Mom Series

We really should have them lay in their beds at night and get better at falling asleep in their own space. Yeah, we REALLY should. It’s what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes we do, most of the time lately though…we don’t.

I wonder if I’m making the “right” decision. If having your child not fall asleep in their own bed is linked to any major issue later in life, lol.

And then Ellie and I become so uncontrollably slap happy in a heiney pinching fight that we look up to see tears streaming down our faces from laughter that keeps forcing us to take huge breaths to try to catch up where we’ve been holding it while being pinched and being the pincher. Then Cammy joins in. Then the next thing you know, we’re all pinning each other down tickling and pinching and making one of the best memories of my life. And hopefully, of theirs.

We’re so tired. We’ve had a long day. They NEED to sleep, I need to read myself to sleep. But we can’t stop laughing and we can’t stop tickling. And crying from laughing. And then some crying from getting mad at each other but it rounds right back around to real laughing again.

We’re breaking the rules. We’re parenting in a way that feels fun and responsible but far from by the book. I only read one book on the regular that helps guide my parenting well, and that’s the bible. I love research and take the things seriously that I should…but for now…I’m going to break some mom rules because it’s giving us so much life and laughter.

There is no right and wrong way. There is no one size fits all parenting. The most valuable thing I’m doing is teaching the girls lessons I’ve learned directly from my own mistakes. It’s soul work for yourself AND your kids to parent from a place of “I want better for you” from experience and not regarding achievement and milestone expectations.

I love you girls so much. Let’s keep up the heiney wars until we’re all old and it’s weird and inappropriate and hilarious to the people who also, like us, have broken all the rules.




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