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I can’t even tell you how much I dreaded those two flashes together when I first got them. To be completely honest and raw about it..the only thing I used before them was one 430ex on camera and after that, the ever so (FOR ME..and by what I hear I’m not the only one) inconsistent 580 on camera flash. They worked for me for the most part though … so I just kept rolling with it. They illuminated where I needed illuminating so they were doing their job..but I always felt like I was missing a little something to add dimension and that’s where the new 600’s came in! When I read that they had built in radio and could communicate together with NO extra cords or plugging things in…I WAS SOLD!

Does a pregnant photographer really need to be hauling anything else around that she doesn’t need that takes LONGER to set up? Heck no! So two little flashes (and now I have a backup, too) and some batteries..yes I’m double sold. One tiny light stand– that’s all I need in addition to this! This past wedding weekend I was being rushed unbelievably so that the couple could make their entrance and I had no kidding TWO minutes, 120 seconds if that to set these two flashes in a completely different environment than the warm sunny light I just came in from outside..(I’m pretty sure most people think we put our cameras on an auto setting and can walk from one situation to the next without changing it…it does not work that way– we need 10-20 seconds to adjust settings sometimes for the BEST results!!) — and I was able to do it in 1 minute. That’s setting the focal length, choosing between flash and auto white balance for what will look best for the room, powering it down and raising my ISO just right to balance it out and then making sure I have the right one set as the master and the other corresponding with it and GREEN LIGHT SYNCED BAM ready to go! Show time!!!! 🙂

The reason I love these flashes are so many but that “moon flare” as I call it..that may have to be my favorite! I also love the dust in the air around them, I know — weird but I LOVE it because it’s a natural phenomenon much like the moon flare! I call it moon flare because it mimics sunflare but only it’s at night during these receptions, and it’s just beautiful! It still has the color and the rainbow that warm sunflare does and it’s so much fun! I also love when the light juuuust peeks around a subject and you’ll see that one or two below, too!

It took me a HOT minute to understand these but now that I do I’m so so thrilled. If you are wondering if the 600’s are a great investment, they ARE..but this look is not going to happen right away so don’t bank on buying them and then having it all figured out! It takes TIME! I never assisted or second shot any weddings with a photographer who used them so I figure it out on my own but it was well worth it and now I can give these pretty glowy reception images to my clients when the settings permit it! 🙂



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  1. Do you use manual or TTL mode with your flashes??

  2. Jennifer Lozano says:

    Do you use one on camera and one on a stand? If you use the two of them on light stands, do you use a fill flash?

    1. Hi Jennifer!! I just use one off camera on a small light stand, and I will do anything to avoid pointing the on camera flash at my subject– it’s always either bouncing right off the wall/ceiling or pointed straight up but using the bounce card for a more natural look!!! 🙂 OXOXXO

  3. Meghan Thomas says:

    I’m looking to get into off camera flash because I am shooting my brothers wedding as a gift on June and I really want to be able to light the reception well…..I am aware this will take a learning curve BUT it seems like this is far easier to deal with them pocket wizards and the like. Am I in left field or right on track? Thanks sooooo much for this post!!!! It may have made my life a million times easier 😉

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