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Mike Hedgepeth wasn’t ever a ladies man. Like really. He didn’t have many girlfriends and when we started dating, that became his first serious relationship, EVER! I however had a lot more experience in the long term relationship department and I thought to myself for the first couple of months – is this guy real? Why is he such a gentleman? Why is he so nice? Why did I just spent two years with a guy who said it was annoying that I wanted to watch fireworks with him on the Fourth of July and he had to play video games instead? LOL!!! SO MANY WHYS.

But then it all kind of just didn’t matter anymore. All I could think of and focus on was US.

I daydreamed of what it would be like to build a family with him. We talked about names we liked for kids and how many kids we thought we’d like. We just wanted to build a family and life together and soak up all the goodness we brought to one another. Then the wedding came. Then the babies came.

It’s a girl!
It’s a girl!
It’s another girl!!!

Mike’s nerdy dream of having women who are all about him came true. When that man walks in the house from being gone at work…four ladies go crazy for him. Sometimes true fights break out and it gets ugly…but mostly good spirited fun and tackling and smooches, haha! One thing is true…he got a LOT more than he bargained for. He fell in love with me, and he got four women in his life in exchange for that bargain. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he loves it and how much we appreciate and adore him. He is so gentle and so loving and takes so much care of all of us…and I love being a team with him.

HAPPY VALENTINES from your ladies, Mikey! We can’t get enough of you. We will never be able to tell you how grateful we are because we’ll be in the middle of mermaid brawls smacking each other around saying HE MY MAN to stop and construct the words to tell you how much love there is for you, LOL! 🙂



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