Morgan + Austin | Teal Half Moone Norfolk Wedding

They’ve been together a long time, and this was their day. Two best friends who have been through so many hard times and good times together said I Do on a perfectly cloudy, cool and incredible Fall afternoon at the Half Moone Cruise Terminal in Norfolk. Surrounded by the biggest amount of guests I’ve ever shot around at a wedding and one intimidating venue for someone who has somehow NEVER shot there, Austin and Morgan gave me a beautiful day to document and I couldn’t be more emotional and proud of the results!

This long day of shooting was perfectly timed with SO much preparation time, travel time in between considered, tons of portrait time including my favorite..a first look! Because this was a huge venue for me, I expected everything to be VERY hectic and rushed. I was prepared for it. I even dressed more comfortable than cute and looked giant and pregnant consequently because I thought I’d be physically and mentally stressed from the day…but I got in the car at the end of the night with the biggest smile on my face and most content feeling in my heart. The stories about their families, the relationship between everyone from the in-laws to the bridesmaids to the guests, everyone is so in love with this couple and supports them 100% and it’s something you would think comes with any wedding..but it doesn’t. It’s so beautiful when you see this level of emotion and support coming from the guests. It’s incredible, really!

Teal was the color of the day (SCORE!) and Morgan’s incredibly classy look with champagne shoes, the perfect pearl and crystal earrings and accents on her dress from Pure English was the highlight of my little detail obsessed day and then you walk into the reception to an ombre teal cake and INCREDIBLE florals and decor (with orbs hanging from the branches..MY FAVE!) … and you couldn’t have made me a happier little photog. I loved her classic bouquet with complete with cream roses, dusty millers and other fall accent pieces. I loved it all. I uploaded it to Two Bright Lights to submit before I even typed this blog post up hahaha! 🙂

ENJOY THEIR DAY- it’s a BIG blog post!  🙂

Thank you dearly to Carina for second shooting and Allison for assisting me! I love my girls!!! 🙂


Venue: Half Moone Cruise Terminal
Makeup: Olivia Atwood
Hair: Kristal Lane
Gown: Pure English
Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew
Florals: Leslie Hartig
Shortwave Entertainment – Mark Brooks, DJ
Cakes by Crystal
Photobooth: Baker Entertainment
Catering: Omar’s Carriage House
Linens: Distinctive Event Rentals
Coordination + Planning: Sunkissed Events and Design, Jill Brown
Videography: Gary Randall

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  1. EliSabeth says:

    This is truly breathtaking. From the venue to the dress to the entire bridal party! So much happiness makes my heart melt. <3 Amazing job.

  2. Julie Dunlow says:

    Morg…you were and still are absolutely stunning.I love you!

  3. Mopsi Eudy Pittman says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  4. Cindy harris says:

    These photos really captured the emotion of a most beautiful evening and celebration of Morgan and Austin’s wedding. Gorgeous,

  5. AWESOME pictures! What a beautiful couple! This wedding was truly a celebration of love!

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