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We are realizing more than ever this season of super high inbox messages and emails that we are called to share about this beautiful place with so many people on an even more detailed and personal level. Nothing connects us better to others than sharing our heart, our vision, how this island moves our souls. When we made the huge decision to pack it up and move home, life changed for the better right away just knowing we were finally where we belong! Over the past couple of years, we’ve comfortably made ourselves at home within a few local businesses that have made our hearts so happy and we want to share today what various Outer Banks MORNINGS look like for us while sharing some of our favorite locations, businesses, traditions and even what we order!


**Front Porch Cafe is our number one place to pick up our coffee on the weekends and when we’re lucky, sometimes during the week, too! I say on the weekends because this has been our tradition since we moved three years ago, on the weekends when we finally had Mikey with us after a long week of commuting (which is no more!) it represented us all being together again. It became a huge comfort for us and it meant so much more to us than coffee! Occasionally we get a pastry or big cookie there, but we mostly just go for the coffee on the go! It’s also a great place to meet clients, friends in town and to bring family to so they can see its charm! Our orders aren’t fancy, but they’re SO good! Located in Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo.

Mike gets: Large iced coffee with mocha and then he adds half and half 
Amanda gets: Large iced coffee with vanilla and then I add half and half 

**Barrier Island Bagels is literally our most favorite place in the world to pick up a bagel. I mean, that everything bagel IS everything!! Last week Mike walked back to the car and said “some jerk just took the last of the everything bagels” — HAHA! We don’t call people jerks over food, unless it’s taking this bagel from us! 🙂 But in all seriousness, this place is run by a family I adore with a huge, huge heart for loving and serving others. It’s kid friendly with a little nook for little ones and plenty of tables and a warm, welcoming environment. VERY good place to get work done with their wifi too if you need to catch up while visiting on some emails/blogging! Located not too far off the Wright Memorial Bridge in Kitty Hawk.

Mike & Amanda both get: Everything bagel toasted with plain cream cheese
Cammy gets: A ginormous chocolate muffin and she doesn’t talk to us while eating it because it’s really serious for her haha!
Other great choices: Whole wheat everything, salt bagel, rosemary and olive oil, and any of the dessert bagels. 

**Henry’s Restaurant is one of those really classic Outer Banks digs we adore. I mean, can I be real? The true love for the place happened when I was sat at a table next to an autographed picture of the Dawson’s Creek cast…HELLOOOOO! That’s my love right there! Haha! But beside that, it’s just one of those places that reminds me of how it felt growing up visiting here. We love the servers, we love the hostess and the check out lady, they are so good to the girls, even when the girls start grabbing the souvenirs and gifts up front and I have to yank them out of their hands haha! This is GOOD, fast and hearty breakfast and a feel good place to spend time with family. Located in Kill Devil Hills bordering Kitty Hawk.

Mike gets: The first thing on the menu, the Captain breakfast: eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon, biscuits and homefries
Amanda gets: The first thing on the menu, the Captain breakfast: eggs scrambled with cheese, grits, bacon, wheat toast
Cammy gets: Two hotcakes (she LOVES saying hotcakes to them haha!) and an order of their perfect, fluffy, glorious biscuits
Ellie gets: This will shock you…she DOESN’T eat their biscuits (yet) — she is so stuck in her darn ways with the ones we make at home. BUT, she loves their strawberries and whipped cream and sides of fruit. We think she would like home fries, too, she’s a potatoes kind of girl 🙂

**Waveriders Coffee, Deli & Pub is one of my favorite spots to get work done and mentor! Last week, Ellie fell in the parking lot and scraped her knee and screamed, and then Cammy slammed her face on a table and yelled “WHY IS OUR FAMILY IS SO CLUMSY” making a scene screaming in their and guess what, I still love it and am going to walk back in again somewhat soon, haha! They are really kind here and accommodating. I love knowing I have a spot that was what Panera was for me in Virginia Beach with wifi and cozy spots to hang for a while and really pummel through some work. Also, THE FOOD. It’s SO good here! We will also include this in our upcoming lunch post..but for now, what I get for mornings here! Located in Nags Head.

Amanda gets: The “walkover” which is a bagel with bacon, egg and cheese. It’s just perfect, and pressed and toasty! I love the thin mint latte that I’m not sure is on the menu all the time, but I also get the white chocolate mocha. I really love getting WARM coffees here because it just feels like a warm coffee kind of cozy environment. They have a LOT to pick from here, you won’t be missing variety at all!


In Hatteras, WE LOVE Orange Blossom Cafe in Buxton and we love Uglie Mugs in Avon! We don’t get to go down there too often but when we do, that’s where we stop!

BUSY SEASON…Do NOT be a menu thrower! 🙂

I kindly ask that you remember that the busy season is…well…BUSY! I’ve seen people show up to eat somewhere during the busiest summer weeks and complain about the waits. Well, simply put…there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people weekly between Memorial Day and Labor Day visiting because this place is magical, but it can be intense when it comes to dining out! Sometimes, unfortunately, people act a fool…LOL! We saw a grown man throw a menu at a hostesses face one time because he didn’t want to wait longer than 30 minutes to be sat. Please be kind. Working in a vacation town is extremely difficult at times. You can’t imagine the hustle, demand and pure exhaustion serving others without having a minute to yourself to eat or take a break unless you’ve been in that position before and most things are out of the servers and managers hands. Remember what is really an emergency and what is not. Don’t be menu throwing man. I will send Ellie after you and it’s not pretty when she points that little finger and gives you a piece of her mind. Be an adult, don’t come to a restaurant if you’re already starving at dinner time in the summer and expect to be taken care of right away! Everyone is doing their best. Be kind, be patient, and be smart about knowing what to expect! 🙂

Our favorite breakfast traditions:

So, we get the food and we either eat there or bring it with us…but when we bring it with us, we like to go on salty morning adventures. The sun rises over the ocean on the East Coast so it can be REALLY bright, but kind of love that. We park at a number of different spots depending on the day, and we love to start searching for treasures first thing in the morning when it’s warm enough! We head to Avalon Pier and then other various locations within Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head and just get that fresh air first thing in the morning. There is nothing like getting out there in the morning. It starts our day off SO right! If you are worried about it being too bright, definitely park at a pier and stay to the left of it or under it to make sure you’re covered 🙂 If it’s cold, we park at Avalon Pier on the right side so we can get a beautiful view of the season, we crank up the heat and crack the windows just a little! We hope you enjoy this place as much as we do all year ’round!

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