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I can’t even START to type this beginning sentence without tears in my eyes. I hope that the parents of the bride and grooms to be can understand where I’m coming from and that I don’t get them too emotional!

Brides, the day that you take your mamas to the bridal salon — and you stand up there in that dress. You wanna know what your mothers see? They see this:


^Cammy in Maya Couture twirling around waiting to be fitted for her dress, lol!

They see a little baby girl that won their heart from the second they knew you were on the way.
They see a little tiny girl that learned to walk with stumbles and falls that they had to help up a million times.
They see a little girl that said “mama! mama!” and chased them around lovingly and needed them so much at one time.
They see this little girl now, all grown up, getting ready to marry the man of her dreams.

Image courtesy of Katelyn James <3

You guys, seriously this is choking me up horribly to write– but it’s true. As a child, you may love your parent SO much but you can’t understand their love for you until you have your own– it’s this CRAZY wild magnetic powerful protective love.

When I see a comment on my blog or Facebook page from a mother, I just lose it! I don’t know what it is, but knowing I am giving them these images of their baby girls (and boys!) grown up in this blissful period of their life really touches me and makes me love my job that much more. Yall, I just love this. I cry at every wedding. I can’t even LOOK at the mother when she looks at the bride getting ready.

Thank you all mamas for taking time to email and talk to me and set a great example of what one day (yes..many years from now– but I’m SURE it’ll fly by!) I am going to have to experience. I hope to have the strength and courage to let her go, and maybe I’ll be sure to get the tattooed makeup on my face that day because there is NO way I’m making it through Cammy’s wedding without balling constantly!!!!! I cry everyday now as it is hahaha! 🙂

Image39077_651714237617_1129847_n38859_651726597847_3403686_n 38859_651726602837_2371239_n38471_651734871267_5550612_n 38471_651734911187_3043523_n 38471_651734931147_4938431_n All wedding images courtesy of Katelyn James!

Love the families of my couples 🙂 So excited to work with you all in 2013!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. judithsfreshlook says:

    I love that you always post from the heart <3

    1. Thank you! I really do, it’s always genuine! 🙂

  2. Tammy Coleman says:

    You hit the nail on the head w/you blog! I have had the chance to see 2 of my own daughters in the same situation…and one of my other “daughters” invited me to go w/her since her own wasnt available …what an honor. Emotional each time… the next will be my granddaughters….thanks for reflecting….btw love your work! I also see you included my own daughter in you blog ….TY

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