Nathalie + Adam | Kill Devil Hills Engagements

Ohhh the good old days of Bubba’s that brought Nathalie and I together– what memories of a way too busy kitchen, bumping into each other left and right, me having mental breakdowns every Sunday after triple double shifts and having to wait for the poor busy bartenders to make sodas for our tables– some of my most favorite chaotic memories! I love so much that I got to see her beautiful face again, but this time– all dolled up for her ENGAGEMENT session!! I love watching people grow and seeing her this happy made me so happy for her!

Adam had her ring custom made for her because he ADORES her..and just like the ring, she’s one of a kind to him. Nathalie is so beautiful, intelligent and one of the nicest girls I’ve ever worked with..and I think that Adam more than appreciates that! The real black diamond in her ring was hard to find but he knew he had to have the best for his girl. They laugh so much together and flirt like it’s the first month of their relationship. We LITERALLY fought the rain, watching lightening strike just minutes before our session officially started. I stood in the rain as it continued to pour with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other for some of this– I WILL do whatever it takes! I was MORE than happy to stand in a puddle on the road outside of Kellogg’s for the right shots in the colored chairs– Adam and Nathalie kind of brought out the dare devil in me!! I LOVE them so much for this fun session!! 🙂

nathalie-adam-engaged-13 nathalie-adam-engaged-17 nathalie-adam-engaged-26 nathalie-adam-engaged-29

2014-08-19_0002 nathalie-adam-engaged-41 nathalie-adam-engaged-43 nathalie-adam-engaged-572014-08-19_0003 2014-08-19_0004 nathalie-adam-engaged-62 nathalie-adam-engaged-66 nathalie-adam-engaged-68 nathalie-adam-engaged-93 nathalie-adam-engaged-110 nathalie-adam-engaged-118 nathalie-adam-engaged-121 nathalie-adam-engaged-125 nathalie-adam-engaged-130 nathalie-adam-engaged-138 nathalie-adam-engaged-145 nathalie-adam-engaged-1472014-08-19_0005 nathalie-adam-engaged-154

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  1. Mariah says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rainbow shots!!!

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