New Q+A Date Announced! | Photography

I don’t know WHAT it is about these, but I go home kind of out of breath and really in a fantastic mood– there is a SPARK that lights up in the room during a Q+A! The emails and messages I get afterward, the way that the attendees feel like they have finally found a safe place and “home” to share their heart and knowledge within and also to gain SO much more’s a WONDERFUL thing that was born a few years ago and I am so glad I fought my fear and took the leap to begin them!

I am announcing this date because it’s the last Q+A I will be able to hold until early next year! I’ll be on maternity leave until sometime in February and I have the Salt Air Workshop in the works for October here in the Outer Banks (TWO seats left!), I am sold out of Salt Air Mentoring Sessions until next March  and this is a great way to give one more educational opportunity to spread the love before the new baby comes! 🙂

Sunday September 13 from 10-2 we will get together and talk it up in Hampton Roads! Virginia Beach with a location TBA, this is great for seasoned and new photographers alike because it’s completely open topic. $150 TODAY and tomorrow and then $175 investment, something smaller for those not looking or able to spend a lot on education at the moment but looking for just the right amount to get inspired! Also, this will be the first Q+A Mike has been in attendance for and he is really excited (kind of nervous, haha!) to be a part of it! We’re becoming a husband and wife team in 2016! 🙂

Click HERE for the rest of the details and to grab a seat! So excited to see you there!!!! XOXOXO 🙂


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