NEW to the shop: Blogging Game Plan + Creating Inspiring Content! | Five Waves Shop

OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Seriously! I am so happy about this friends because we get to serve, in great detail finally, MORE about why blogging is not just good for us…BUT GREAT. A portfolio. A resource. A way we’ve built trust and relationships and what led eventually to us creating a way to have a little passive income on the side. All of this from the blog! And we DO NOT blog typically more than 2 days a week!! 🙂 It’s been a GIFT!

And on top of that? We’ve thrown in another download about how to take things from YOUR life, your story, what make you the incredible unique individual you are and create inspiring content to share. We didn’t realize until last year that we’ve been doing this seamlessly all along and when I asked some friends to tell us where our strengths were, this is what they kept coming back to. So in the Five Waves Shop NOW – you can pick up the Blogging Game Plan download, the Creating Inspiring Content download OR both at a reduced price. This is just the beginning of the Workflow Series, there will be more for photographers heading that way soon in the future but we knew this would be an amazing start!

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