Nicholas Sparks Set Charm & Inspiration

I blog for my people…and that can be photographers, moms, people interested in simplifying or Dave Ramsey or running a business while having a family.

But this post? This is for the people who’s hearts pitter patter when they see WATER, marsh grass, weeping willows, peeling paint on worn in coastal homes and know that all of these absolutely glorious things exist in Nicholas Sparks films…especially these two favorites of mine I’m highlighting today.

Character. The sets on his movies has SUCH humble and inspiring character. And yet, even with none of these places being impressively high-end…people sigh and say GOSH what I would give to live somewhere like that! Nicholas knows his vision (Carolina baby, all the way!) for what home looks like. And thanks to him, we own a home with a dock on the water…which we wouldn’t have looked for had it not been for the movie the Choice.

Before we bought our home…I knew I wanted to be on the water, a dock, a window in my kitchen, some sort of paneling or shiplap on the walls and an outdoor shower. We got JUST that…thankfully! And our home is so small, but SO full of joy and love.

Ready to see some of my FAVORITE sets and scenes from these movies?! This is what inspires me most when it comes to creating a home for the Five Waves 🙂


Those yellow floors because like she says, “yellow’s happy”  🙂

This is in Southport…this is Alex’s house! Love it!

Love those windows and moonlight and paneling…all of it.


This kitchen from the Choice may feel too busy for my simpler self, but I LOVE the character, the open shelves. The colors. The skinny paneling. And the slightly steamy scene that follows this moment, lol!

DREAM PORCH! I can’t wait until we renovate our outdoor space like this!

A home by the water. Oh be still my grateful heart.

We have a dock now but definitely need to get it fixed…it’s not as safe as this one, lol!

Oh I’m just posting this one because of the glorious marsh grass. I can’t even deal. It’s all over the road that leads us to our home now 🙂

I want a canoe…I LOVED this scene!

Oh this scene…if you know the story of WHY our family moved, you know seeing the stars is very, very important to us.



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