Nicole + David | Bodie Lighthouse Engagements

On a warm and windy day in Nags Head on the way South driving toward Hatteras, I made a right turn and happily popped my little photographer self in the parking lot of this lighthouse. One of my favorites (they actually are all my favorites, honestly, lol) and I just stared. I sent my little sister a picture of where I was working tonight proudly and wished I could just scream with joy but knew it would wake the snakes that I’ve been warned about at this lighthouse…HAHA, you just wait if you come and visit, there are signs on the property, too! Then my not-afraid-of-snakes groom shows up with his yes-afraid-of-snakes bride and we told him…you’re gonna look out for us, right? 🙂

What a good time with these two. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and it felt like I was with people I hang out with all the time and I love that. I was on cloud nine with the smiles, laughs, some of the hilarious outtakes they’re getting in their final gallery.. you can just see this and you can’t deny, this is gold. Golden light, golden couple. Golden session and my heart is bursting with gratitude that I get to shoot this wedding for Nicole and David in the Fall! Enjoy the blog! 🙂







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