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I know a lot of people brag on their husbands, and of course..they should! There are a lot of good ones out there..I know a bunch of my sweet friends have snagged some of the best and deservingly so. I love hearing about good husbands especially because there was a low time in my life I had accepted that whoever I would settle down with would treat me just alright and as long as I was with someone, that was enough. I devalued myself that much. It was really sad…and it came from the mix of having an alcoholic parent, traumatic events in college among lots of other issues that followed, and being with a super mean boyfriend. It was hard, and I have no idea how I got through that season of my life..but when I woke up one day and chose to be happy (no really, I actually did that…saw a blue sky, a bright sun and started over with everything, including becoming single) … it all changed, and it directly led me to the man I would marry!

There is no one like him. I don’t know anyone who would be able to love and support a woman who had gone through those things and continue on top of that to deal with my crazy family, lol! Like half good crazy, half..just not so good, lol. He is the definition of selfless in every single way. Everyone who meets him loves him, he’s ALWAYS so excited to be around his girls no matter how tired or no matter what kind of day he’s had. He gladly takes the girls off my hands and gives me breaks. This man has called me on almost every break he’s ever had at work. That’s three times a day I get to talk to him while he’s working and it just hit me the other day how unbelievably sweet that is and how committed we are to do that and not even realize that hey, that’s a lot of love and communication! It’s just because there is no one like him and no one who could have ever loved me better. I am so thankful for those phone calls.

As a mama of three very little girls I’m additionally SUPER grateful to have found a man that says “I love you, but I love the girls more!!” haha..which sounds weird but no, that’s what I WANT and I say the same back to him! We always joke about loving our girls more than one another, but we truly love each other all equally. What we mean is just that they come first in any situation, and then us. It was so so so important for me to find a man who believed in putting the babies long as we’re not neglecting one another. We still get time to ourselves, we still plan date nights! Last summer we had a vow renewal with our own “engagement” session and exclusive portrait time and it was a wonderful celebration of our love that’s been trucking for nine years this year! We believe our marriage stays strong because of the way we love these little babies first and foremost, and I can’t imagine going through this life with anyone but you, Mike Hedgepeth. Thank you for all you do for us…FRIDAYS are the BEST because it’s Daddy Time all weekend for us!!!!!! 🙂



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