Norfolk Waterside Styled Shoot | Photography

Well, if you’re familiar with my work you know that I don’t typically do styled shoots. UNTIL TODAY ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved every part of this session today! I loved being with everyone getting their hair and make up done, watching the incredible transformation from gorgeous girls without hair & makeup done to very gorgeous girls with hair & makeup finalized– and we had one HECK of a team today.

Thank you to especially to Michael and Ahna for showing up to help me out when I needed you! And..for video taping how ridiculous I am talking while shooting. I love it though. You can TELL if I’m that candid that I’m happy, and as selfish as it sounds gosh I love hearing myself happy while working– it took a LONG time and hard work to get to a place where I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!

Crystal is beyond amazing with hair, Char’s florals were gorgeous and fitting, Rachel rocks out makeup and the gowns from Maya Couture were IDEAL.

A VERY special thanks again to Misty at Maya Couture. From the moment I first started talking to her, she was kind. She’s the kind of vendor that you find and you do NOT want her to ever leave this industry because it’s so rare to have someone that delightful to talk to and work with! She has been there for me and I hope I can keep being there for that amazing bridal boutique that I praise and love so much. They let me bring in Cammy all the time and have the time of her life running around the store (sometimes licking mirrors..sorry yall) and they get her all worn out and ready for a nap ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s vendors who rocked it OUT:

Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Maya Couture
High Voltage Hair by Crystal Casey
Rachel Reid Makeup Artistry
Char’s Floral Designs
Carina of Michael & Carina Photography
Ashley Seutter
Michael for being there for me & Ahna too! (Of Ahna Beth Photography)

Are ya ready?! These are BEAUTIFUL!

SB9A1093 SB9A1102 SB9A1107 SB9A1110 SB9A1111 SB9A1121 SB9A1125 SB9A1141 SB9A1143 SB9A1146 SB9A1169 SB9A1173 SB9A1183 SB9A1205 SB9A1207 SB9A1220 SB9A1221 SB9A1232 SB9A1248 SB9A1250 SB9A1253 SB9A1262 SB9A1281 SB9A1286 SB9A1291 SB9A1292 SB9A1293 SB9A1295 SB9A1300 SB9A1323 SB9A1324 SB9A1328 SB9A1332 SB9A1335 SB9A1337 SB9A1340 SB9A1346 SB9A1348 SB9A1353 SB9A1355 SB9A1361 SB9A1364 SB9A1375 SB9A1380 SB9A1389 SB9A1394 SB9A1399 SB9A1407 SB9A1418 SB9A1422 SB9A1433 SB9A1435

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  1. These are so fantastic Amanda!! Everyone did such an awesome job!! So in love with this! <3

  2. Such GORGEOUS photos!!

  3. Can’t believe this was a year ago!

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