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Because of the fact that I’m a straight up girl mama for life and never going to be anything else…I think it’s a great idea to have a series dedicated to raising daughters and what that dynamic and relationship looks like for us! It didn’t dawn on me until recently when we started to see our first big shift in their budding sisterhood…there’s a new evolving friendship on the horizon and we are just SO glad to see it here finally!

Cammy is VERY mature for her age in a lot of ways, yet still a temper tantrum throwing typical four year old at the same time. She’s super super articulate with her vocabulary and understanding of language, she’s sassy and she knows all of this. Having a little sister a couple years ago for the first time for her was a calling to fulfill some sort of mommy role because she mimicked everything I did and wanted to actually take a lot of responsibility for her little sister, and it was so adorable! However, once Ellie got to the stage where she was yanking stuff back from Cammy and actual fights over toys ensued, it became WAY more of a shout match and competition for at least the past year. It started out generally harmless but Ellie is seriously a strong little dense lady and she can POUND Camryn and sometimes, we laugh..but sometimes, we have to step in and save her even if it was brought upon herself, lol.

This fighting is typical of siblings but it honestly drains us a lot of the time. The CONSTANT “stop it” “don’t push her” “don’t pull her hair” “don’t bite” “no no no no no” — all of that makes me a little crazy and challenges me daily. They fight when a song comes on because they don’t want each other to both sing (most of the time) and they don’t like when the other has the princess high heels they currently covet. We have so many of the same types of things for them yet they argue incessantly over it.

Lately though….these little shining moments where Cammy stops to respect Ellie a little more have been popping up and we are in LOVE. Cammy is laughing genuinely at Ellie’s actions, she’s asking her more permission, she’s being more respectful of whatever Ellie is playing with at that time and I don’t know if she’s scared of getting beat up or she is just starting to be able to **FINALLY** communicate with her better as Ellie’s verbal skills increase ….but I am LOVING THIS. I am loving it. Ellie is taking on a role of being Cam’s caretaker sometimes and that is huge for them because Cam loves to baby Ellie and make her the “little” one!

If you have siblings around these ages and they fighting has started..I don’t know how you run things but for the past year I have gotten on the ground with them and FORCED them to kiss and hug and say sorry during fights. They didn’t like it for a while, but now they do it and it’s amazing because it almost instantly erases what they were bickering about most of the time when I can get them to do it. It’s worth a try, right? I refuse to let them grow up in our home not loving one another. I always tell Cammy that Ellie one day is gonna throw a punch in her defense because of how much she loves her so she should appreciate her a lot now while they’re growing up together in such close quarters 🙂

There is HOPE you guys! They may not always fight this badly! 🙂 Last night, we caught Ellie singing The Little Mermaid to Cammy as she fell asleep. Then, Ellie hugged Cammy too tight, started a screaming match but then for the first time in a while they fell asleep together and it was just such a beautiful sight! This is a tough sibling age bracket, parents take deep breaths, pray for patience and know that relief will show itself in this sweet, generally rare but heavily awesome moments!!! 🙂

Then she was hugging her and squeezing her neck too hard


Minutes later, they were both out. Cheers to what matters most, these moments make up the happiest memories in my world.



Love you two and this budding friendship 🙂


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  1. So sweet!!! This reminded me of my sweet momma so I’ll share! Lol. My mom said she used to pray for patience and God gave her two girls that definately taught her how to be patient 😜 Until one day a good friend told her to stop praying for patience because God was giving her what she asked for which was two sisters that were driving her crazy haha! She taught her to pray for knowledge and with knowledge comes patience 😍

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