One Thing That Shouldn’t Change As You Grow | Photography

Well you started out with that Canon Rebel and kit lens (or other beginner DSLR). You shot on Auto and you thought you were so amazing! It felt great! Then you switched to manual, and it got HARD. Very very frustrating..and then you started to get it. And then really get it. And then be able to control your results in different circumstances. Maybe you upgraded to a nifty 50mm and started to see sharpness, bokeh and discover another side of your photography journey. You felt great.

You felt accomplished because before your very eyes, you were watching growth. REAL hard work paying off..learning a new trade and art. That’s big! It’s not something you can short cut, so you know how hard it is to get there. You shoot all your friends and their friends for free to build portfolio…and then the day comes when someone you don’t know wants to pay you for your services.

Do you remember how THAT felt? The BEGINNING of your BUSINESS?

That feeling is something you need to go right back to today and grab and put into your pocket and keep with you ALWAYS. Do not leave that feeling in the past, it doesn’t belong there. That feeling is a part of your journey and provides a sense of humbleness, gratefulness and ensures you will be deserving of the inquiries and bookings you receive!

Today I had a bride book and I can’t even tell you what it meant to me. Every single time I book a wedding I feel like it’s Christmas Day and I remember that new feeling, almost 80 weddings later…EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am thankful for EVERY SINGLE ONE.

These people…they are choosing you for something so big, you’re a part of a wedding day…which you know has been on their mind since they were little. If you’re so used to it that you don’t get butterflies anymore, I just feel in my heart like you may not be doing what you’re meant to, and that your clients deserve better. I have NEVER stopped getting those butterflies. I get soooo excited for inquiries and I borderline cry over bookings hahaha!!! Ask my husband, when I book a wedding– I text him right away and tell him how happy I am! Then when we have more time, I start to tell him about the couple. I already love them, I already love their story. Each story is important.

If you’re in a funk– remember how it felt when you started. Don’t you remember that time when you would have done ANYTHING to be a photographer for a living? To capture the most amazing parts of wedding days and leave a legacy for their children and their grandchildren to hold on to? What we do is not about us. I see a lot of people forgetting that. It’s very important to stand your ground and not hand out discounts left and right, yes, trust me on this one after getting hit with the highest taxes of my life last year..but stay humble for every booking!!! You are not a corporate machine, you are a small business owner and your clients deserve that personalized experience!!

The one thing that shouldn’t change as your talent grows and your business grows is the butterflies. You should still be so so excited and humble with every inquiry and especially with the bookings! Someone chose you…and that is huge! There was a day you sat and fumbled with that camera and only HOPED you would figure it out. Remember why you started and what it meant to you before all of the business stuff became involved and try to carry that heart and mind frame with you as your business grows!!! XOXOX


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  1. Ashley says:

    What a great reminder to us all! Remembering that feeling definitely will keep us humble and grateful! What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally needed this! Thank you for helping us keep our eyes open when many of times it’s to hard to keep the confidence going! I am always greatful & excited but not always confident in myself because I’m not when I want to be. This post definitely helped today
    Thank you 🙂

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