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We’re hitting the seven year mark — how in the WORLD!? I was just pregnant with Cammy shooting that first wedding season, right? I can’t even believe how recently that feels like it was. I remember the first baby kicks happening while bumping receptions were going on and how I felt so thankful to be able to serve these couples on their wedding days while growing my family. We’ve been so fortunate to be able to do this for so long from just me to a now husband and wife team…but we are realizing now that as our life changes drastically this fall (when that same little one who was kicking and hiccuping during those weddings in my belly now attends Kindergarten – stop it, I’m crying while I blog just writing that out!) – we’re going to need some more help from people.

We know what we’re looking for but we aren’t quite sure how we’re going to fill the positions. Recently I’ve heard of someone hiring for several different positions but then finding someone who was capable and eager to fulfill more than one and so they combined a couple of them together accordingly — so our goal is to just see who comes to us! Right now we have two positions created, one is for an office assistant and one is for an internship. Read below for more info and pass along to anyone who would be a truly positive addition to our brand and mission!


The internship is unpaid in exchange for mentoring. Mentoring and workshops are high valued and in-demand investments and we would spend time teaching editing, shooting, workflow, the business side of things, how we market and many of the ways we have specifically grown this business…in exchange for assisting and helping us with some important tasks. An intern would do the following with us:

If part-time (seasonal) intern only, we would have them attend/assist three weddings with us
If full-time (all year) intern, we would have them attend/assist six weddings with us 
Three editing sessions via Skype or in person
Answering emails/social media inboxes for us
Work alongside us with projects
Proofreading blogs, newsletter materials, digital download content
Other business tasks that come along they may be interested in learning more about!

Office Assistant:

We are willing to have a virtual assistant but we would LOVE and prefer to have someone local, if possible, who would be able to come and help us mainly with correspondence. This is a part-time position paying $10-12 hourly depending on experience and qualifications. If local, we would love to have them work in-home mostly likely for up to 4 hours at a time, twice a week. An office assistant would handle the following:

Answering emails
Answering Facebook messages and Instagram DM’s (rerouting them to email if possible)
Answering comments on social media and blog posts
Scheduling and booking sessions/raindates
Using 17Hats software for contracts, invoicing and scheduling
Workflow checkup and maintenance for sessions and weddings
Proofreading blogs, newsletters and digital download content
Working alongside us for project creations
Checking weather forecasts accordingly for upcoming sessions
Checking memory cards/backing up images and possibly culling, if necessary
Able to handle correspondence when we’re out of office/out of town

The most important thing for any hire to understand is that this is a brand we’ve worked so extremely hard for over the years and it means SO much to us to have someone who can represent us well. We’ll have a background check, an application, three interviews and a contract for each party to sign accordingly.

Someone to represent us well and what we would require involve the following:

Someone known for being positive, uplifting and encouraging!
Someone known for being trustworthy and respectful with previous employers/contract work
Professional attitude taking all inquiries and messages seriously and answering respectfully
Well-spoken email voice with a great mix of enthusiasm and professionalism
Works well and efficiently during limited office hours
Must be at least 18 years old
Must have own transportation in instances of needing to meet us or come to office
Dresses appropriate if assisting weddings
In office assistant must be okay with three little girls and a puppy being very loud in the other room 🙂
In office assistant must work well with a chaotic background 🙂
NO EDITING IS REQUIRED, we do that ourselves in addition to having a wonderful gal for our weddings we use!

What’s important for us to know that someone is joining who isn’t exclusively self-serving. They have to believe in our brand and what we do for people. Our work is about others, meeting their needs and being there for them during one of the biggest times of their lives…and during sessions, we know the incredible importance of what we’re documenting. Every image and memory you provide for someone is something that will be passed down for generations. It’s not just a picture. It’s a legacy. We don’t want to hire someone who is only interested growing themselves right now (although we love and support that!) but someone who will handle our clients with care and compassion, as if they were their own.

If you know someone who may be a WONDERFUL fit for this, please send them our way! We only want serious inquiries and we are serious about someone with a positive attitude.  If they are persistently complaining on social media or perpetually negative, we are not interested. We love a keep-it-real-but-always-find-the-bright-side kind of an attitude to continue reflecting our brand well! Any Facebook or Instagram DMs will not be reviewed, emails only. In all honesty, we may end up hiring a friend or family member who applies because we haven’t gotten around to asking anyone we know yet if they were interested, but we will be hiring who the true best fit is! 🙂

How to let us know you’re interested:

Email with the subject line: OFFICE ASSISTANT or INTERNSHIP — we’ll close the search in one week and start sending out applications soon! Thank you again for your interest, we can’t wait to grow our team! 🙂

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  1. Whomever gets the privilege of working a long side you will be very lucky to be learning from/assisting the sweetest best photog/momma ever!!!

  2. krystlemyers says:

    Hey Amanda! I am sooo interested and would love to be considered! Being laid off in July & this is exactly what I am looking for. Love to apply for the office assistant job. I am semi local (2hours) not sure if you want something local all the time or can work virtually. 😍

    Krystle Myers Photographer


  3. Briana Whistler says:

    Oh gosh, I would LOVE to apply!!! Too bad I live in Texas. Whomever you choose will be so incredibly blessed Amanda. You and your family are truly inspiring and uplifting. It is a joy to read all of your posts. Thank you for being such a blessing!

  4. Sydni Olbon says:

    Hello Amanda,
    I’m Sydni Olbon
    I am looking for the intership position! You have inspired me so much! Your work is incredible in every single way possible. This position would help me so much! I have been taking photo for about two year now! Getting this position will truly make my dreams come true! I am very hard worker and I also try more than possible! I go above and beyond!
    I have a Facebook link of some of my work! I’m in the process of making my own website!

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