Our First Hurricane | Outer Banks

It’s been a little over a month since we moved from Hampton Roads to the gorgeous Outer Banks. And it’s been a whirlwind..literally, because last week we went through our first hurricane together! A category 1 moved up to a category 2 and all the locals who saw me out the day before asked if I lived here and told me it would be okay. I can’t even tell you how eerie it was that I was instantly reassured by them and trusted them. Was is their laid back demeanor, their beach cover up and man tank top wearin’ sincerity of an island person? I HARDLY spoke to strangers in Hampton Roads. I don’t know what it is– I guess I could admit I wasn’t always very happy and trusting there and after riding the HRT for four years..I was kind of paranoid and bitter. Here, I talk to them ALL the time. I am not completely naive, I know not everyone I meet is a saint but there is special kind of person that lives here and I just really like them off the bat.

The word “hunker” quickly became a part of me and Mikey’s vocab– and based on what we were hearing about the storm we decided to hunker down together. But even better, my dad and brother came down from Richmond to ride out the storm with us! So there we all were in the living room between air mattress, floor and couch..being woken up around 3am when the winds really hit us. Everything from outdoors had been brought in, we prepared as much as we could, but when that wind starting hitting..that’s something I’d never experienced before. I hate to be a weirdo but it was sort of fun and I guess that’s because it didn’t get TOO scary! We did have the house shaking at one point a little much and paint fell off of the ceiling in our bathroom hahahaha..but that could also be because this place needs a little TLC.

Around 6am, things started to die down and we peaked outside and by 8am we (my dad and I) decided to go to the beach, where we found a couple of other families interested in checking out what the beautiful beach looks like post hurricane. We all snuggled and got through this experience together and I look forward to riding out any other smalls ones with my family!

The day before and morning of:



Our favorite little pink house was still standing– WHEW! 🙂
3M9B0179 3M9B0186 3M9B0188

We also enjoyed the fun signs from around the area– they always crack us up! Best sense of humor!:

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  1. Well I am glad it did not get too hairy for you guys! We were at a beach house in Ocean City Maryland when the storm clipped us. It was kinda funny because on that Tuesday all of the news reports said we would miss the storm. Wednesday night we were told to start buckling down because the path appeared to head slightly more north west and we could experience high winds and major flooding. Then by Thursday morning the outlook changed again and it ended up just clipping us and we felt the effects for all of maybe 5 hours? Looks like you guys still had some fun :-). In a way I will admit that I too was looking forward to the storm just a bit. I even went out to Assateague Island at 11pm the night before it hit just to sit on the beach and listen to the waves lol. I only stayed for like 10 minutes because it was soooo dark on the beach I could barely see 5 feet in front of myself and I started thinking about Black Beard’s ghost lol.

  2. Deborah says:

    Been through many a hurricane around the Eastern Shore since I was born and raised there (near Ocean City). Now if it gets to a Cat 3 you may want to think about where you’d go…..

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