Our Kid’s Room Clutter-Free HACK | Clutter Free

TODAY we launched a course put together by our family with all of our hearts called CLUTTER-FREE GAME PLAN 🙂

We know that life is just easier with less STUFF. For years, Mike and I were on a trajectory of more, bigger, better, fancier… we thought that was it. We thought that’s the way to move up in the world but little did we know that we’d feel our MOST JOYFUL when we owned the absolute least amount of stuff we ever had.

Decluttering has been an important journey for our family, I credit this for helping us NOT to overspend on home decor and unnecessary items, on items we already owned but couldn’t find (double buying… the ultimate waste!) and it also helped us not lose important things like bills and paperwork so we didn’t have to worry about missing deadlines or late fees anymore.

A lot of what frustrated or hurt our family was solved with decluttering and for that, we will ALWAYS be thankful!

So the other day on Instagram, I made a reel about our FAVORITE way to keep the girls room tidy without cleaning it daily… as long as we show up to take care of this once a week – we are GOOD TO GO! Video is below – enjoy! XOXO

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