Our One Haul Solution For A HAPPIER Beach Day! | Five Waves Shop FREEBIE

When we had our first little girl, we wondered how the HECK we ended up needing to drag *so much* with us when it came to beach trips! She was so small, but she required so much!

We are figuring out three kids later, that’s not the case at all! Sure there are a lot of amazing gadgets out there and options for how to enjoy your personal beach experience, but we’re finding that an umbrella or two, chairs, towels and a kiddie pool with minimal toys gives our babies just as much of a great experience than all of the STUFF we were used to hauling down via multiple trips!

Instead of having the joy sucked out before we even start our beach lounging, we’re having a far better time than we ever have only bringing what we need. We’re sharing our PERSONAL list of what to bring to the beach via free download with you today from our Five Waves Shop! We hope you ENJOY! 🙂



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