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Oh 2018. We have big dreams for you…and one of them is to bring MORE Outer Banks specific content to those who feel HOME when they cross that bridge, whether it’s their actual home or not.

I can’t convince you to love this place if it’s not your jam. But for millions of people, it IS their jam. The amount of visitors here each summer is unreal and the people who live here and love it, there’s just no denying it sparks absolute magic in our souls. Some things Outer Banks lovers know about are…

…the wind chime sound that’s made when the waves wash up on a shell bed if you listen closely enough.
…the way your skin feels when it’s covered in salt water and has been kissed by the sun all day.
…the way the sand dances across beach road on a windy day.
…the powerlines.
…the colorful houses and the classic dark cedar shake beach cottages.
…the magic, it’s there and even though so many people know about it, it feels like a secret you get to have all to yourself because it FEELS like a gift and so exclusive when you’re there.

We shared a survey a few months ago with our Five Waves Newsletter (sign up HERE to receive them!) readers to get to the bottom of what they loved most. We want to open that SAME survey to you today! Now…here’s something I can tell you up front, we are not “get out of the house every single weekend and do 20 things” kind of people. We really prefer simple, not too much money spent and meaningful experiences. If you’re the kind of person who ever says “I’m bored” – you will probably think WE are boring because we love still, slow and peaceful beach days and prefer that over anything else there is to do here…but on occasion, we DO branch out and try other fun things this island has to offer!

Some of our 2018 goals include:

  • Climbing all four lighthouses
  • Going on a 4×4 wild horse tour
  • Spending an ENTIRE day in Ocracoke (versus our normal 2 hours)
  • Me learning to surf (HAHA! But no really, mama is going for it!)

We will be SO happy if we knock out this list, we still have little kids so we can’t do but so many things safely and comfortably yet but we want to feel as adventurous as we can and make the most of what we can do together! We’ll ALSO include reviews or details (and possibly coupon codes!!!) from our favorite shops and places to eat down here on this sweet little sandbar.

Will you help us and let us know why this place has your heart? Fill out the form below and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for participating!




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