Outer Banks Help Portrait | Outer Banks

So, there is this group of pretty amazing and talented photographers that network together in the area down here and I’m very honored that I’ve been able to meet them and talk and even had a couple of dates to the movies and wine nights with them…SO very welcoming!!! It’s not easy to move to a new place. It’s not easy at ALL..and when it’s one of the biggest wedding destination locations in the United States on list after list after list…it’s even harder. You may imagine I was freaking elated when the photographers who’s work I admired most were the most welcoming ones toward me and then one casual coffee get together Help Portrait was mentioned — and I absolutely LOVE the idea of this and it speaks volumes to the kind of great photographers and business owners we have down here!

Help Portrait is a worldwide mission to give portraits to those in need for free. What a GREAT cause! I hadn’t heard about this in Hampton Roads before and if there is one that’s awesome but if not— I hope they start one! It’s one day across the board to make this happen for people who don’t have the funds to document their lives with quality images because of whatever life circumstance..but everyone deserves something like this and we are making it happen!!!! The details are on the image below for where and when the Outer Banks Help Portrait will take place– PLEASE share it to anyone you know this holiday who may be in need of this!!! 🙂

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