Packing The Hospital Bag (For The Third Time!) | New Mom Series

So some of you guys know I HAVE done this post before, I have! And it’s kind of neat to be able to see it evolve over the years! Some of it will be a repeat, some of it will be NEW! The thing I decided to include in this one is the fact that wait…we are having this baby an HOUR and a half away! This time..I need to pack up two other little girls to send off to their aunties house, too…so this isn’t just about my bag, it’s about theirs! And, it’s about making SURE Mike and I are sufficiently packed to be gone without having the luxury of running by the house around the corner this time!

We are driving my jolly pregnant self all the way up to Virginia Beach for our scheduled c-section to have this baby with the doctor we love more than anything in the world and trust with our whole hearts, Dr. Francine Olds. So guess what? We like REALLY can not leave anything behind, haha! We used to live next to Sentara Princess Anne so our last delivery was minutes away from home and we were able to drive home (well, Mike was) for whatever we left or had forgotten…but this time, we will be too far away..we need to be on top of things!

Okay, let’s do what I like to do best– SIMPLIFY THINGS. Breaking it down category by category to make sure we’re taken care of. The easiest thing to do is actually to start with what to pack a four year old and two year old first, then Mike’s, then mine, then NEW baby and all the other things that come along with that!

Time frame: We are assuming we will be there a max of three nights, because when we had Ellie, I was discharged after two nights. In all honesty, we are hoping to stay THREE this time because we know it may be a harder recovery and we would appreciate the exclusive time with Autumn. 


(That’s what I’m working with behind me as I shot the images for this blog post, LOL! Sisters are so weird and fun!)


Ellie + Cammy

Five pairs of pajamas each
Five pairs of pants/leggings each
Five long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts each
Five pairs of socks
Six pairs of Cammy underwear
Pack of diapers for Ellie (at least 25-30 just in case)
Brand new pack of wipes
Destin/vaseline for Ellie heiney
Shampoo/body wash
Two kids towels for bath time
Hair ties/clips
Jacket for each girl
Gloves for each girl
Hat for each girl
Medicine kit in case of fever, allergy, stuffy nose, nausea including:
*Gripe water packets for Cammy
*Motrin/Tylenol and corresponding dispenser
*Benedryl and daytime allergy medicine as well
*Bandaids and Neosporin
Coloring book + paper
Bag of crayons
Four books for bedtime
Fave stuffed animal
Something NEW to play with, like a coloring kit with the invisible marker (those are great surprises and entertainment!) — maybe add in a couple packs of new stickers, too!
Favorite DVD’s — at least three
Ellie’s sippy cups
Ellie’s pacis
Several snacks for the girls
Uncrustables/morningstar nuggets/other quick cook/thaw freezer meals
$40 cash for pizza and other random expenses/food
Almond milk for Ellie
Fresh bananas, grapes, apples, melon
Gift for Cammy to give Autumn at the hospital (it makes her feel important!!)

^So, that sounds like a LOT right?! It is!’s also not. Kids items (at least for us) don’t actually take up a ton of space, so this will be one little suitcase and then one bag on the side — clothes in one, food and toys in the other. Instead of purchasing lots of “ditty” bags, we LOVE freezer bags. Clear, easy to see what you need and what’s in there, disposable in the case of inevitable mess. The reason it looks so huge is because I’m VERY thorough and specific but you will find in business and family life, that’s something that’s been very key for me!



Typical what you would pack for a 3 day trip but not where you have to worry about what to wear or how you look, haha! It’s all about being WARM and comfortable when you have winter babies!

3-4 graphic tees/long sleeved shirts
Undershirt or two
Gym shorts/pajama pants
One pair of jeans at least
Winter hat, gloves, jacket just in case
Razor/shave cream
Body spray (if he wants it but I don’t really like too much of that in the hospital room post surgery depending on how I feel)
A couple of Game Informer magazines 🙂
Cash on hand
Phone charger for both of us and my Mark III with a 16gb and 35mm lens 🙂


Mama (Me!)

So, maybe I’m a little more high maintenance, haha, but that’s because I’ve been through this experience before and I know what I loved having and know what I truly missed! Post c-section you really are looking for one main thing, COMFORT. It’s important and it’s sooo deserved! Here’s what I need at the hospital and what we’ve packed for little mama!

Fuzzy, warm socks! Three pairs, because it gets SO cold and the blankets don’t help that!
A fuzzy blanket from home, this time we have a Christmasy one for our Christmas girl! 🙂
One nursing tank top
Three nursing bras
Three loose and comfy tank tops
Loose and comfy cardigan
My Victoria’s Secret soft nightgown from Andy and Kirstyn Jordan ahhaha! No really!!
Very loose waistline pants, probably only one pair that I’ll wear in and out of the hospital (c-section scars are VERY sensitive! I may even wear Mike’s pants out)
Warm fuzzy boots to wear in and out of the hospital — it’s December! Otherwise I’d say a nice pair of flip flops or flats!


And just an image below for perspective for you, between Autumn, Mike and I..and the pump/toiletries, that’s only two small rolling suitcases! It sounds like SO much but it fits in so so little!

Makeup remover wipes
Some makeup items (because yes I do feel like if I want to put a little on a “feel better” after major surgery, it totally helps my mood!)
Shampoo/conditioner in case I get my shower there!
Dry shampoo, in case I don’t
Razor (I’m a shaver, I can’t go 2 days without shaving my legs hahah!)
Face cleansing wipes to feel nice and refreshed and clean!
Toothbrush, etc
A couple of small packs of tissues
Hair ties, brush, bobby pins
CHAPSTICK/small vaseline, this is a biggie for me always!
Nail file (it’s one of those things you don’t use a TON but when you need one and don’t have one, dang is that annoying, haha!!)
Our brand new little INSTAX camera and extra film!
Freezer bag or small zip up bag with PHONE, CASH, CREDIT CARD, ID
Printed “hospital plan” if necessary, for instance, ours has on it “please don’t feel formula” for the nurses whenever the baby is taken to the nursery and also has info on who to let in/not let in for visits


All The Baby Stuff!

Boppy pillow with cleaned cover! (SO nice to be able to lay the new baby down when you need a break but want her close, and also be able to lay her down and the other siblings be able to look at her but have your arms free to hold and cuddle them, too! Right there on the hospital bed!)
3-4 newborn onesies
3-4 newborn footed pjs
3-4 pairs of socks
3-4 pairs scratch mittens
Hats, headbands
Burp cloths
Swaddle blankets
Pacis, the SOOTHIE brand (the last time I came to the hospital, to have my second child, the breastfeeding consultant was super rude to us about using a paci to which I had to remind her not only is this my second child but I breastfed the first one for 16 months, so she could continue walking her heiney right down the hallway and help someone else– please don’t be influenced by the negative comments as a second/third time mother with experience in these departments! Some people are worried it will deter the baby from nursing effectively but when we knew we already had it down very quickly, we weren’t worried and if we were we would have pulled the paci.  We have read and understood plenty of SIDS research that says using a paci can be very helpful for new babies and our choice is to use one!)

Bottom two headbands from Turbans for Tots!  SB9A9282 SB9A9287
Bottom swaddle blanket from Bridget’s of Norfolk!


Nursing Gear

Lanolin Cream..oh dear gosh, bring some nipple cream! I love Lanisoh so much – and winter mamas REALLY need this stuff because everything is going to dry out faster and the cracking is something you can’t really avoid but it helps SO much!

Warm/Cool Packs for comfort – I love the Lanisoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 but be SURE to read the directions and follow carefully for heating! We exploded one of ours one time :/

Nursing pads – if you get to leaking early! It takes me a couple days to get to that point but it’s better to have them there with you just in case! We LOVE Lanisoh brand!

Nursing cover if you are going to have a lot of people in and out of the hospital and it makes you feel better to cover up while feeding, this would be something you want to bring! I don’t really care about covering up anymore and don’t feel like I should with a brand new baby in my OWN hospital room! On the note of having a lot of people in the room– we really love so many people dearly but the recovery from a c-section is a little graphic and rough (and regular labor, too, of course) and with a catheter in, incision checking, the regular bleeding, etc — it’s so embarrassing and hard for me to have too many people around ESPECIALLY around the clock where I’m not getting a break to check on these things/handle them without someone in the room besides Mike and the nurses! I did a video blog post here about considering holding off on having family/friends come right away and also limiting the amount of people you invite to the hospital, first time moms feel such heavy obligations to invite everyone out of guilt but honestly you will never get this time back exclusively with you, your husband and new baby– so this is the time to put your immediate little family FIRST!

Breast pump which we haven’t brought before now but we’re bringing JUST in case I need to get my flow going if it’s not coming as much as I want it to, we most likely will not use this but we just like to be prepared, plus it perfectly stores all of my nursing items in it and keeps them separate from the rest of my “stuff”.


*Look at that baby blocking my shot, haha! Just like in my post from two years ago with the Ellie belly, now the Autumn belly makes sure to make an appearance in the hospital blog! 🙂 All nursing tanks and bras from Target!

A special thanks to “Big Minnie” for letting my shove her face in the window to block the dappled light coming on to my desk 😉 HAHAHA



With ALL of this said, there’s a great chance I left something off. It took me a couple of days to complete this blog post, haha! I hope this is helpful for future little mamas, new and seasoned, and in 2016 you can look forward to having printed LISTS and downloads available for these kind of mama experiences from Amanda Hedgepeth Photography! 🙂

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  1. Deborah says:

    Good grief…I’m tired reading it! But if you need anything we are only five minutes away from that hospital and will be more than glad to help!

    1. you guys are SO sweet thank you for being there and offering!!! We are so excited to meet her it’s not even funny!! 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for that! As a first time mama I have no idea what I’m doing! Luckily I have until May but I’m always looking for advice so I’m grateful you’ve shared your mama wisdom!

    1. you are SOO sweet Stephanie thank you for that!!! Oh gosh I am so happy knowing the joy you are about to experience, CONGRATS to you!! 🙂

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