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Mike and I often talk about the fact that we know we’re mommy and daddy, but the word parent seems so foreign to us still. That sounds weird to say out loud (or type, lol) and to admit, but it does. I know I’m not alone here, too. I am fierce about my love for my girls, I love taking care of them…but the word parent, it’s still new to me because I’m not often called a parent. Or even a mother. I’m called Mommy. But recently discussions with friends have helped prompt me toward stepping into ownership of this role, this word that seems above me in so many strange ways.

I think it’s incredible how much you can love your child, work hard for them, raise them well, spend time with them, ALL the good things…and still feel like it’s surreal and have to reality check that this is your life sometimes. Mike and I at least every couple of weeks are like hold on… we have CHILDREN. That is so crazy! I feel like this last six years has been the most incredible whirlwind. My girls are all so young so Mommy is the role and title I know best. But as Cammy transitioned to Kindergarten last year, this lingering feeling of needing to grow into a more mature role as parent started to seep into my thoughts during the most random times. Sometimes it was just watching her walk into school. Sometimes it was paperwork that came home that said the word parent. Regardless…here I am six years later trying to figure out how to own this title.

I think this is also happening because I’m slowing down. I work hard, and work often, but I’m working so much more wisely and efficiently now that I have these windows of time to reflect, journal, read, pray and soak in life a little more differently. With Lifeflow lists and workflow planning, I have been able to enjoy family so much more. This is helping me think a little more deeply and one of the things on my mind for months has been this parent concept. I just wanted to share this today because I know so many people with little ones my age who find that word so hard to embrace, but there’s a mysterious joy about realizing it’s something I get to grow within and look forward to figuring out and owning. Once I recently realized I needed to come into this role a little more deeply, I started looking forward to how I could do that. How I could lead better, be a parent before a friend (but we are still going to all be best mermaid friends forever…that won’t change) and all of the things. Hopefully I’ll have revelations to share on this for those who feel the same within the next couple months! 🙂



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