Pink + Teal Founder’s Inn + Spa Styled Shoot | Hannah Hildebrandt Events

I can’t even rave enough about this shoot right now..the colors, the model (my cousin!!!!!!), the vendors rocked it all out some kind of incredible! We had rain on and off, over and over, and we still got the shoot not only set up and rocked out but it looked AMAZING with the cloudy sky as our softbox and wonderful element of contrast with the pink, teal & gold!

Hannah Hildebrandt is such an incredible event planner that I am sooo glad I found! Our personalities are both very bubbly and we are both so humble and in love with what we do that she is my planner match-made-in-heaven! I love the way she feels about her job and how she treats her clients and that she never takes a job for granted. It gives her such an advantage to be truly personable and easy to be around because when it comes to planning, the kind of brides that I work with want someone with a good heart. Vendors appreciate other nice vendors, too! πŸ™‚ I love her vision and can’t wait to work with her again in the future! We may be doing a style shoot every chance we get!

Pink, teal, gold, chevron, floral designs, tablescape, macarons, a bold cake and a gorgeous lace gown from Maya Couture– this is my dream shoot, so thank you all for making it happen! Enjoy the images, they are some of my favorites!

Photographers: Most of the portraits of Allison is shot at 1.2 with a 50mm, superrrrrr wide! I love shooting wide because I get not only the bokeh I adore but this soft, romantic look everywhere else putting the focus juuuust right on the desired highlight of every image. Although I would never vignette a picture, I love the natural vignette that comes from shooting wide! Also, because it was super cloudy but still light out- I utilized that giant softbox (the sky!) and had her facing right where the sun would be. If I didn’t, I’d have intense shadows (and I’m okay with dramatic and natural shadows) where I don’t want them. Thank you Amy Forehand & Heather Papineau for being AMAZING assistants and friends to me!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ XOXOXOXO


Hannah Hildebrandt Events
Founder’s Inn Spa
Maya Couture
Blushing Brides VA, Chessy Hewitt
Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe
PaperDolls Design
Waterford Rentals, LLC
Allison for modeling! πŸ™‚

Thank you to Heather & Amy for assisting and being there for me! Love you both and appreciate it SO much!

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2013-05-08_001 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-78 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-81 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-86 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-89 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-92 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-101 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-108 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-111 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-112 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-114 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-115 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-117 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-119 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-121 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-124 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-127 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-131 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-139 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-142 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-145 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-150 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-152 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-153 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-156

2013-05-08_002 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-160 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-162 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-166 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-168

2013-05-08_003 2013-05-08_004 2013-05-08_005 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-183 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-186 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-195

2013-05-08_006 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-197 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-200

2013-05-08_007 2013-05-08_008 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-208 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-213 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-216 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-217 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-218 teal-pink-gold-founders-inn-styled-wedding-shoot-222

2013-05-08_009 2013-05-08_010

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. erin says:


  3. Amanda Tripicco says:

    Just beautiful! Awesome job Amanda!

  4. You are so unbelievably talented! I absolutely love the cloudy skies and the raindrops on the glass things that are holding flowers! Amazing work!

  5. simply stunning!!

  6. Gorgeous!! Love the colors!!

  7. Amanda! Thank you for your super sweet words, they really mean the world to me πŸ™‚ Im just glad the feeling is mutual! Im so lucky to work with someone who is so talented!

  8. Amanda! This entire shoot just SCREAMS your personality! Love how you choose to shoot things that represent YOU! xoxo

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