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I won’t name the app but I was previously using something else when it came to Instagram scheduling and I think my mind has been so absolutely blown in the last four days that I can hardly contain my excitement. When I discovered PLANOLY this past weekend, I realized that yet again, I have found another way to save time and be SMARTER in my business, and IT IS FREE.

(***Update! I just purchased the Solo plan for 1 year for $84 because I have SO much content I needed to plan and schedule, I already have posts to go live for a full month and I did that in less than one hour! For less than $100 for an entire year, it was well worth it to upgrade to be able to schedule unlimited posts and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get the rest of 2017 scheduled by the end of this month. What a relief for me to have this all taken care of so early!) 

Previously I was using an app I had on my phone that I would occasionally schedule Instagram posts with, but I’m finding out that didn’t love it enough to keep up with it. There was nothing wrong with it, I think I just really don’t like working from my phone. Wait. I don’t think that, I KNOW THAT! I am NOT fast on my phone and working from a computer is huge for me, that’s always my priority! That ALSO allows me to shut off and not be working on my phone constantly in front of the kids.

When this little mama got a glimpse of that GORGEOUS, user-friendly (key, key KEY for me! I want to learn something quickly nowadays unless it’s worth slowing down and training for…) and crisp, clean layout sucked me right in. I just got this on Sunday and I have scheduled 17 posts already that stretch from this past Sunday to July 24. YES – I will get to have all of my Instagram content scheduled out while I’m on my stay-cation the last week of this month! I feel LOADS of pressure and relief coming off right now. Here are a few notes and awesome features I want to highlight for you!


1. It’s extremely easy to understand and learn. You won’t spend a lot of time needing to figure things out! This is user-friendly at its best!

2. You can answer to COMMENTS ON HERE, TOO! One of the things that takes the MOST time and keeps me on my phone too long is responding to comments on Instagram just because tagging or clicking and holding down the name just does take a second or so and I always seem to mess it up and have to try again, lol. You can click on the commenter’s name, FROM your computer and reply, how amazing is that!? FAST!

3. You can see the calendar clearly and get a feel for how your post load looks and spread it out accordingly. I adore the cleanliness of this calendar appearance! Not too “busy” and doesn’t cause me stress just looking at it.

4. You’re able to see the number of likes and comments on each post. If that’s something you track, you can see it easily just on the calendar view. Let’s say you wanted to see what time of day has more engagement or what kind of posts have more engagement, it’s as simple as just looking at the numbers and clicking on the post to open and see what drove those likes and comments that day.

5. You have a SCHEDULED folder and an UNSCHEDULED folder. This means you can have a “bank” of images sitting waiting to go live whenever you’re needing some content but didn’t have something scheduled! You don’t have to schedule everything, but you can keep images in there to be prepared to share when you may be in rut and not have anything new to post.

6. Instagram STORIES have their own folder, too! Not just for regular posts in your feed, but for your Instagram stories you can provide content in queue, too. SO convenient!

7. The “grid” view gives you a glimpse into your feed’s appearance. I personally don’t have a rule for my feed’s appearance, I think it’s just naturally full of COLOR and COAST but if you want to see what it will look like with your scheduled posts, it’s literally right there on the calendar view (or plan tab!) to the left.

8. You can still post anything you want, any time. You’re not obligated to post only what is scheduled. If you have something on your phone you want to slip in there, it’ll pop up in Planoly the next time you open the website, just remember to refresh it!

9. It doesn’t AUTO-post…but you don’t want that! Lots of schedulers that were auto-posting for Instagram accounts have been shut down because accounts were getting marked as spam and consequently shut down, because it’s NOT how Instagram is supposed to work! This may not open up Instagram and post it for you while you’re not looking, but a SIMPLE notification pops up, saves the image as your last saved image on your Photos folder on your phone and you just hit PASTE to put that caption you planned and typed up on there. SO. FREAKING. SIMPLE!

10. Things like this give you your life back, but you have to schedule the time to schedule things. Sometimes people find awesome life-giving apps and software and then complain it didn’t work for them. So, maybe it really didn’t…but content just doesn’t schedule itself and appear out of nowhere! You really need to block out an intentional, focused period of time to prep your content. At the end of this weekend, I will have the entirety of July FINISHED and be way more ready to enjoy my week off!


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  1. JZ says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! As someone who is starting my own site I was beginning to be overwhelmed by all the things that constantly need to be done to stay connected this will make it so I can schedule time to be connected only a few times a week but make it look like I’m connected more often! Beautiful blog by the way! Thanks for spreading your helpful knowledge!

    1. amandahedgepeth says:

      Absolutely LOVE your perspective on this – it’s a way to keep “working and showing up” when you’re really spending time with your people! You got this, I can’t wait to see you grow!!! 🙂

  2. JP2R says:

    Amanda – Once again you sharing a ‘find’ and breaking down the Pros and Cons have really helped. Your ease and writing in your own voice helps me better in comprehension – I’m looking forward to giving this a try. Instagram management had gotten so messed up .. I just gave up on it.

    1. amandahedgepeth says:

      You are the best Jae!!! I know it’s overwhelming, sometimes it just takes sitting down with it to find the SIMPLEST way to manage it in a way that works for you!!

  3. I’ve been using Planoly for a couple of months now, and somehow never knew you could respond to comments on it! And create your stories!! That’s so cool! I’m definitely going to start looking into that feature!

  4. I am wondering if you’re still using this, I am put somethings together today and I am wondering if going to the single plan is worth it. It allows 30 uploads and I changed my mind on about 6 or 7 and deleted them without knowing I could not replace them with 6 new ones, a little disappointing, but just curious given you’ve been using it a year now.

    1. amandahedgepeth says:

      Hi!! Yes I use it and I have no complaints, it’s worth it for big content planning!:)

      1. thanks for the quick response

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