Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | 2 Months | Personal: Miss Elle Marie

Two months already? No..I just got back from the hospital right??? OH FINE it’s true, I’ll admit it. She’s two months old. And she’s talking and cooing and slowly finding her little giggle. She’s pretty much ready for college :/

Just kidding, but it feels like that sometimes. Y’all, she’s SO incredible. I love Cammy and I’m not saying she was a difficult baby by any means but Ellie makes Cammy look like a pretty rough experience hahah! Elle Marie is the easiest little thing and we are SO grateful for it! We did NOT expect this. She’s happy, easy to please and always making our day watching her grow and develop and watching her idolize her sister. It’s so amazing!

Here she is in her two month glory, and her sister had to steal a little of the spotlight this time!! πŸ™‚

polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-1 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-2 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-3 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-4 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-5 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-6 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-7 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-8 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-9 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-10 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-11 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-12 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-13 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-14 polka-dot-sweater-red-heels-ellie-amanda-hedgepeth-15

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  1. Alison Snead says:

    They are too precious, I can’t get enough! You’re one blessed mama!! πŸ™‚

  2. Lacoya H. says:

    Cammy is really turning out to be your twin!!! And baby Ellie is just as gorgeous as ever! You are an awesome mommy and it suits you beautifully.

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