Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | 3 Months | Personal: Miss Elle Marie

Here’s one of those really transitional months where BAM- she just looks different! For Cammy, it was definitely between three and four months– like her face all of a sudden just matured from cute newborn alien-ish (it’s true, they all look a little strange when SO young!) to oh– a real BABY face is here now!!

Ellie was just sitting with her chubby little elbow propped up on the couch, hanging out enjoy the Spring weather we had one day! I love her you guys– seriously just come to our house, SMILE in her face and you’re her new BFF. All she wants is smiling and love and she’s happy! SO easy!!!!! 🙂

We just feel like we don’t deserve her sweetness but we appreciate it more than we could ever describe and promise to give her the world!!!! <3

Here’s three months with Ellie!!!!!!

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