Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | 5 Months | Personal: Miss Elle Marie

Much to our poutiness– she wants to grow up really quickly. Little woman here sees her sister doing something and wants to do the same SO badly. She thinks she can walk if you hold her hands, she can ALREADY sit up! She was sitting up alone at 4 1/2 months, like Cammy. Elliebells is on the LOSE and ready to take over the world! I can’t handle it!!!!

Our little growing angel is five months now and filling out lives with undeservingly ridiculous amounts of huge joy daily. She’s a gem. Sleeps through the night, happy all day long. AMAZING child! We love you Bells and happy happy five months to you! 🙂

SO — for this installment, I had G-Dog (my dad) and my little brother Uncle Andrew helping out. Cammy threw a huge fit in the middle of the shoot because she wanted her sister..so you’ll get to see that very hot mess, too 😉 She’ll kill me one day..but for now..check this out hahah! 🙂

At the end- check out a collage of 5 months until newborn! 🙂

3M9B9864 3M9B9865 3M9B9870 3M9B9872  3M9B9881 3M9B9883 3M9B9886 3M9B9888 3M9B9890 3M9B9891 3M9B9894 3M9B9898 3M9B9900 3M9B9901


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  1. Shakyra says:

    How beautiful!!! She is going to love it!!

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