Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | 6 Months | Personal: Miss Elle Marie

She’s saying MAMA. She’s sitting up like a champ, she even has her own language with her sister. Six months is looking like the month she finds a very strong little voice in this house, is determined to do some things “by herself” and when she starts taking a lot of charge of her own actions and daily routines. We gave her the first little bottle of apple juice and water mixed (very convenient for that milestone to happen during July and these hot beach days) and girlfriend grabbed the bottle and fed it to herself…even though she’s exclusively breastfed and only has bottles when I’m at sessions and weddings! SO smart!! Every day she is more and more amazing and we see how much she was needed to be a part of this little family. Cammy is actually liking her more now that she can communicate with her and that she isn’t just a little sack of potatoes laying around the house and baby devices all day..she thinks she’s kind of fun now! YAY! This is going to get VERY interesting!! 🙂

Well we wanted some biscuits in the beautiful sand at the beach in our new home of 1 1/2 months..the Outer Banks. And we GOT it..you wait until you see this very beautiful, golden lit and happy installment of the polka dot sweater and red heels project for little Elle Marie!!! 🙂 ENJOY!!! 🙂

First — wanna see the past ones? Watch her grow!! 🙂


AND HERE SHE IS NOW!!!! 🙂 Whoever saw me on the ground cooing and flirting with a naked baby so loudly at the Avalon Fishing Pier last night..this is why and it’s SO worth it 🙂


6-month-polka-dot-sweater-1 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-2 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-3 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-5 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-6 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-7 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-8 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-9 6-month-polka-dot-sweater-10

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  1. This is so perfect!!! Iove the idea with the heels and sweater. Can’t wait to see her grow into them!

    A conversation you and I had when we met that stuck with me was when we FIRST were introduced and you jumped in and said (about having kids) “DO it! It’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.” Hearing someone so passionate and successful with their business saying it works, it’s wonderful, and that you can have both was so reassuring. Thank you! You are an amazing momma!

    Can’t wait to see you again in a couple short weeks!

  2. Um. I’m dying. I LOVE this. What a sweet sweet idea.

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