Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | 7 Months | Personal: Miss Elle Marie

I’m the worst ever..please don’t call me out on the fact that this is WEEKS late! I shot it weeks ago but haven’t gotten it up!! 🙁 I actually took these the day we got back from shooting Courtni and Matt’s wedding out of town in Northern Virginia and wish I could have posted it earlier..but we have been behind and overwhelmed to say the least this summer! It’s ironic that we have calmed down and started to learn to enjoy life more but consequently fallen behind on being as fast as I’d like..but moving to another state, traveling and driving MORE for shoots and events now, it’s been a little rough physically and emotionally..but it was a great and much awaited life change our hearts needed to be good happy parents and to bring them somewhere we really wanted to raise them.

She is so big. So sweet. Smart, and SOO chubby still! I LOVE it! I love seeing her on the move! She officially has learned to crawl but NOT when these images were taken. I can’t give her the credit for who she was in THESE images..she didn’t do it then but this week she has been crawling slowly but surely! The truth is– my little chubs has a lot of weight for a tiny baby to carry around so it’s not easy for her! 🙂 LOVE YOU ELLIEBELLS!!!!! Such a ray of sparkly happy sunshine every day to us! 🙂

Want to see all of the images leading up to this from each past month? The 6 month blog post from last month has 1-6 so you can watch her grow!! 🙂

3M9B0153 3M9B0154

Can you believe how DIFFERENT my daughters look right now?! They only look alike when sleeping!3M9B0157

This little face!! AHH! 🙂 3M9B0171 3M9B0177 3M9B0183 3M9B0186 3M9B0191 3M9B0192
That I’m teething and over it face! I feel so bad for her, this is when her little bottoms one had just popped through!3M9B0197

No seriously I am OVER this mom! 3M9B0198
Time to eat sand 🙂


Grunting forced smile…poor thing had been in the car for 5 hours and was such a good sport!! 3M9B0204

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