Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 15 + 16 Months!

Poor Ellie. Wait– do I start every post like that?! Haha it’s starting to sound repetitive and bad!! Well, the second children and their lack of extreme dedicated attention like the first had…it’s kind of true! Well, in person, it’s not true. Ellie probably gets a little more attention than Cam but Cam is more independent. Elle just is lacking in the mommy being timely about blogging her pics…but I know she knows I love her and she will forgive me when she’s a big girl reading this some day 🙂

ELLE. You little brown eyed blonde haired piece of adorable happy baby chunk in our life!! WE LOVE YOU!! You are SO happy all the time and those teeth right now! They crack us up! 🙂 We are kind of bad parents for missing the 15 month project so we combined it with the next month, and now technically you’re even with your sister because we didn’t do a ONE month for Cammy ever. I started hers at two– so now we’ve officially skipped a month for both of you! 🙂 This is me over writing to feel better about myself, haha! But really– mama has had horrrrrible morning sickness and is just now functioning a little better so here you go– your beautiful pictures!! 🙂 First let’s watch you grow over the past year and a half! 🙂

sb9a1837-22 month ellie sweater3 months ellie sweater4 months ellie sweater5 month ellie sweater6 month ellie sweater7 months ellie sweater8 months ellie sweaterellie-9-month-heels-sweater-310 month Ellie sweater11 month ellie sweater


HERE IS OUR HAPPY LITTLE 16 month old!!! 🙂

ellie-sweater-15-16-months-5 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-6 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-8 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-9 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-11 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-12 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-14 ellie-sweater-15-16-months-15

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