Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 2 1/2 Years!

She is sooo middle child in every beautiful way possible. Ellie..you’re a MESS GIRL a total mess!!! She doesn’t care either and that’s a quality that attracts us even more to her, that strength and that carefree spirit!

We love our girls because they’re wild and free. So happy go lucky and so intentional with how they communicate with us. We respect them for that! But..it rough sometimes. Ellie has done a BEAUTIFUL job of picking up that level of communication recently where she is really trying to sound out words better and we’re so proud of her! It was hard for her for a while but then again, she had Cammy literally translating for her and she liked it. She didn’t have to work hard to tell us stuff, Cammy would do it for her! Now that she’s getting older, she enjoys when we can understand her and when we can do what she wants hahahaha..so she is doing just great. SO proud.

She’s a sweetheart, but she’s a party animal. This girl is gonna have me way drinking cheap draft beers and singing karaoke with her I KNOW it! I love you wild girl, I love you and that spirit of yours. I LOVE when you talk about “shakin’ yo boobies” and do the most hilarious dance your daddy and I have ever seen putting us in tears. Thank you for lighting up our hearts and lives!!

Wanna see her GROW? Check out ages newborn through 2 first!:

sb9a1837-22 month ellie sweater3 months ellie sweater4 months ellie sweater5 month ellie sweater6 month ellie sweater7 months ellie sweater8 months ellie sweaterellie-9-month-heels-sweater-310 month Ellie sweater11 month ellie sweater






ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-1 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-3 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-4 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-7 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-9 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-11 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-16 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-26 ellie-sweater-heels-two-and-half-years-27


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  1. bmariephoto says:

    Love how you can just see her little personality in these! And those last two shots!?! TOO cute!

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