Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 3 + 3 1/2 Years!

I’m sitting here in mother-of-a-middle-child disbelief, we have no pictures from Ellie’s THIRD sweater & polka dot shoot at all. I shot them, but we never posted them and I can’t find them.

Looked through RAWS. Hard Drives. Folders. We just simply thought we had them and this is a BIG reason we have a three week family picture sorting project set aside in December! For four days a week three weeks in December, we’re sorting through ALL of our images and eliminating all the extras and doubles and excessiveness from mass phone backups and saving what we LOVE, organizing by year and then prepping our albums to get printed and ordered scheduled and budgeted through the year! And so things like THIS do not happen! Oh Ellie. I’m gonna take you out for ice cream and hopefully you’ll forgive me, we happen to love you just as much as your sisters and we’re so sad we don’t have your three years pictures to show for it BUT we do have your birthday pictures where you wore your red heels for a minute with that Cinderella dress… so that’s what we’re going to use! Here we go, Ellie’s 3 year and 3 1/2 year polka dot sweater and red heels pictures to WATCH HER GROW!!! 🙂

sb9a1837-22 month ellie sweater3 months ellie sweater4 months ellie sweater5 month ellie sweater6 month ellie sweater7 months ellie sweater8 months ellie sweaterellie-9-month-heels-sweater-310 month Ellie sweater11 month ellie sweater







Here is all we have to show for THREE — her birthday party picture! But don’t worry – how many we got that are adorable for 3 1/2 almost make up for it!! 🙂


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  1. Jessica Leighty says:

    I just love how you do this with your girls….such a great way to show how much they grow over time! I still cant get over the naked beach-butt picture! lol You have some beautiful little girls!

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