Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 5 Years!

This girl. If I could tell you how I feel about her – I think we would be talking for the rest of my life. She is sugar, and she’s biscuits, and she’s kindness and she’s gratitude and she’s caring and she’s LOVE. Ellie is love. She is charmingly awkward (is that me, too? LOL) and she is just so full of life. Her sweet little heart is loving preschool and she’s writing her letters so well and THRIVING! We are so grateful to be able to watch her blossom into such a wonderful little lady!

And here we go. Five? Is she really FIVE??? She’ll be in Kindergarten months from now at the same school as her big sister and we can’t wait to watch her as a big elementary school girl…but we still find ourselves tearing up at her adorable videos that have brought so many people so much joy. We love you Ellie. Scroll down and watch her GROW!


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Here’s three…

Then 3 1/2… 🙂

And FOUR….

And 4 1/2….


And now FIVE!!!! 🙂



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