Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 9 Years!

Our third grader soccer playing basketballin’ tiny little honey butter biscuit is NINE YEARS OLD!!! Still making Tourette syndrome look good. Still reading books around the clock. Still telling me I am your favorite person in the world. Still telling me that there’s nothing you love more on the weekends than to cuddle together. You are a gem and we love you little girl!

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Here’s three…

Then 3 1/2… 🙂

And FOUR….

And 4 1/2….





Five and a half…




And seven…



Here was 8…


Here we go for NINE!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!

5 thoughts on “Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie 9 Years!

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to adorable, sweet Ellie!!! Oh, how I miss hearing her sweet little voice calling out: ” I see Barbara! I see Barbara!!”, and ALL the hugs!!! LOVE all of these photos, and am amazed at how grown up she looks!! Felt the same about Cammie and Autumn!!! Sending lots of love to Ellie today on her bday, and to Cam and Autumn for their recent bdays. Hoping we can get down to Hatteras to pop in to say hi someday! xoxo

    1. boy do we miss you!!! ALL the time!!! We need to come and see you guys – or if you’re on your way down here anytime, you are SO welcome – either way, we need updated hugs!!!!!!!!XOXO

  2. Happy birthday Ellie!! Gosh she’s so cute through all the years!!! This most recent picture you can definitely tell she’s grown! Ahh she’s the best!!

  3. Happiest of birthdays to that beautiful butter biscuit baby! I love watching how each of your seastars grow into their very own and very special personalities. Happy, happy birthday, Ellie-belles! I hope nine is the most wonderful year yet! XXXXXXXXXX – MUAH!

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