Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie ONE YEAR!

We just had her. We just came home from the hospital with our second bundle of joy. I swear, this has to be true, but apparently…that was an actual YEAR ago. The physical part of Ellie’s pregnancy was incredibly rough for me, but the emotional part, it was life changing. Something about this soul was easing, something about her demeanor before she even entered the world was calming. This sounds crazy to those who haven’t been pregnant (or maybe some who have) but it’s an ACTUAL real experience I went through! It could have been a combination of other factors, but it definitely felt heavily biological and like this was my actual chemistry changing in more ways than just creating another human being.Ā IĀ was changing and I will never stop sharing that with others or thanking Ellie for that! My little life changer!!! šŸ™‚

She’s a big girl – 75th percentile in height and weight and her sister has always been around 20-40th percentiles, so Ellie has been killing my back!! Like, had to go to the chiropractor, carrying her around is a challenging! It’s like carrying around all my camera equipment for a full day, it’s rough! HAHA! I love her though and clearly it’s worth it. I’d carry her all day every day, all 23 lbs of her! Remember…I’m 5 feet tall, that’s heavy on your hip! She’s smart, sweet and she’s very very different from her sister…but they love each other. Ellie had us worried for a while with her neck’s behavior for a few months and we continue to monitor it and see how it’s going to go, she still has some tics that make us nervous. Besides that, she’s in great health and always in great spirits! Although, she gets pretty mad when those teeth come in….but I don’t blame her šŸ™‚

HAPPY ONE YEAR LITTLE GIRL, WE LOVE YOU so so much!!!!!!!!!! Look how much you grew and changed in ONE YEAR!

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  1. Bethany says:

    The photo of her holding the picture of you, Cammy & her when she was born is simply breath taking! Your girls are gorgeous both on the outside and the inside! You’re doing a fabulous job as a mommy and I really admire how you are with both your girls and you husband. Keep it up girlfriend!

  2. Ok! I just cried a little. These are perfection and so are you. <3

  3. Oh my goodness! She looks SO much like her Daddy! I love that you documented Ellie’s + Cam’s first year like this!

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