Polkadot Sweater & Red Heels Project | Elle Marie TWO Years!

Well, you may know her by Ellie but we know her by “honey butter biscuit”, Elliebells, Bells, wild and crazy naked baby running around throwing her diaper off and never turning down a snack…hahah! We LOVE how adorable you are! We can’t get enough! You say the funniest things..you say “noooo waaaeeeeyyy” when we ask for a bite of your food. You say please and thank you and I love you every time you get something from the kitchen when I’m in there. You are still very obsessed with your daddy but you can’t say his name still. You call him “gaga” because you don’t say the letter D at all– but it’s adorable and we love it anyway. But..he is your man and you wake up Monday through Friday pretty down that he’s at work. We can’t wait til the day he is able to work a little closer to home, one day! You stay attached to him allllll weekend when he’s home, and we love how much you love all of us and give us the best sloppiest kisses.

So proud of you honey, so so proud. Two years old. That’s a BIG deal! You’re the best big sister to your new little sister Autumn and you are obsessssssssed with kissing her. You and Cammy even fight over her already hahah!

How has she changed over these two years? Scroll through until you get to the NEWEST edition below! 🙂 XOXO

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HERE IS OUR HAPPY LITTLE 16 month old!!! 🙂




and HERE is TWO YEARS! I think this is by far the biggest jump in CHANGE!!!

elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-1 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-3 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-5 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-8 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-9 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-10 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-11 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-12 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-13 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-15 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-17 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-18 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-19 elle-sweater-heels-2-years-old-20

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  1. brittjwill says:

    She looks like such a big girl now! ❤️

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