Post Accident Thank You & Update Video

Hey guys, I’m sorry I wiped my nose so much on my sleeve but a girl had to cry. I’m still really overwhelmed in good and bad ways. Good being your help and support, bad being that I remember every single moment of the crash. We just wanted to give a quick update…we’ll share more one day about the experience in a way that we think could help and protect others because our minivan and carseats saved us and we are SO THANKFUL FOR THAT.

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  1. I cried with you my darling girl! XOXOXO I hope I see you before I leave this area so I can hug your neck!

  2. Oh my darling friend! I cried with you!!! I hope I get to see you before I leave this area so I can hug your neck and thank God with you that you are hear to tell us all about this story. XOXO

  3. I am so glad you are taking the time you need for yourself to heal, both emotionally and physically. Everything & Everyone else will still be there. Hug your merbabies & puppy and enjoy some down time with them even if its not quite the way you wanted to get it. (((Hugs)))) from WV to you!!!

  4. Cried with ya too! You’re an inspiration Amanda! <3 Sending so many positive vibes and God's peace over your family!

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