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Today last year, I was sitting at my desk working on my business, trying to continue to brand, market and build. We had also been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months and saw literally everyone around us becoming pregnant and were starting to feel a little discouraged. I feel guilty even saying that because I know people sometimes try for years. I’m such an impatient person so when it didn’t happen the first time, I was SO bummed! But you know what? All of the negative tears and tests worked out perfectly, I got to shoot my entire wedding season the way I had it booked. I shot weddings until I was 35 weeks pregnant, my FIRST year in business! I loved every minute of it and it was a GREAT year, and I honestly owe it to Camryn. Her sweet little soul growing in my belly kept me so happy and yes, my hormones got the best of me sometimes…especially when the daddy walked the bride down the aisle, and all of those moments WHEW DID I CRY…but it was an incredible year.

Thank you for coming into my life angel. You make a better person simply by being here 🙂 I know you’re going to dream so big and accomplish anything you want because you are one smart little lady. Mommy loves you and will always, ALWAYS be here for you <3


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  1. terri fuller says:

    so stinking sweet – and peacefully happy for you!

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