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Oh man, this is BIG for me. Like HUGE! To some people, it is probably small and not a big deal at all whatsoever. To others, it’s a big deal, too! And to me, THIS IS HUGE!!!!! 🙂

What a leap of faith it took to begin this dream of becoming a photographer. I was in and out of jobs that never stimulated my heart and soul and this seemed like the absolute biggest long shot yet, and I took it. I don’t know why, but I knew I had to try.

IMG_1289 (2)

(thank you Meagan Abell for this photo of me with my goofy happy shooting face!)

Here I am wrapping up my second year, FORTY TWO WEDDINGS LATER, countless sessions and not one second have I ever been ungrateful for this career path that I thankfully landed in.

My husband was talking to me tonight and said it was just yesterday I was up ALL night waiting for that Mark II to come in that I had bravely and impulsively paid one day shipping for. Literally, tracking it at 1am, 3am, 5am. Crazy?! Maybe, but I know a couple of other photographers whose hearts are just as invested in this art as I am who have done the same 🙂


This year was getting ready to wrap up, I was finishing shooting the last few fall weddings of the season and I had a CRAZY idea. What if I did a promotional video? Just in time for 2013, so I could have people visit my website and see what a happy-go-lucky, wild and easy to work with kind of gal I am. What IF? Crazy concept right?! Well, I had just had a meeting to network and chat with The Girl Tyler recently and thought to myself, that girl and her team are SERIOUSLY talented, I wonder if they’d work with me on something like this.



Not only were they on board, but they were SO incredibly enthusiastic, prompt, professional and comforting in my moments of panic and sheer terror for putting myself SO out there like I never had done before. To say they are professional doesn’t do it enough justice, they are talented with hearts the size of the moon and I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose such an awesome team to work with and represent my business so beautifully!


They did my family and business justice and I can’t thank you guys ENOUGH for this. Thank you, you will always have the biggest place in my heart..and Cammy will always have an intense crush on Tyler’s husband, Martin who made her HAM IT UP for this video! It must be the red beard!

For your videography and graphic design, logo and branding needs..I’m telling you, this team is worth it. They are upbeat and easy to work with and have experience andddd I could go on, so I will stop there because I’ll never stop writing this blog! 🙂

SO HERE IT IS— my FIRST promotional video!!!!! Don’t laugh too hard, can you TELL I’m a cheerleader at heart forever?!?! 🙂

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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    That was such a beautiful video! You got emotional, I got emotional, it was perfect!

  2. Wendy Medlin says:

    LOVED IT!! It was so real, refreshing, and full of girl and family power!! The emotion was spot on and it is going to help you continue to grow your little business!!

  3. SO AWESOME! So happy for you Amanda! You deserve all the success in the world!!!!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    My computer sucks so I wasn’t able to watch it all the way through yet, haha, but what I’ve seen looks amazing! You are a true talent and a wonderful woman. So happy to see your business and family grow as I attempt to do the same! You light up your client’s lives every day. Keep up the hard work!

  5. Your video is amazing! So sweet and real! Congratulations on completing this big step and I can’t wait to see what you capture in 2013!

  6. Elizabeth Friske says:

    Definitely an amazing video Amanda! Made me tear up!! You go girl!!

  7. Amanda this is an awesome video. When people see this they will feel as if they have already met you! I do!

  8. Alex says:

    I LOVE THE GIRL TYLER! And this video is incredible. I couldn’t be more proud of my big sissy.

  9. What an inspirational video that was geared towards your talented work and family…Congratulations!!

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