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In honor of hosting my second workshop today, I had to share something BIG with y’all. Yesterday I signed on Facebook in the afternoon and saw Jasmine star is hosting a workshop in DC. I was like yeah that’d be nice, lemme see when it is. I’m probably not going though.

June 23, a Monday! I’ll be there that previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday though– so that’d be convenient, but I mean, it’s an investment and we just found out our check was lost for our security deposit so we’re out $1000 for 90 days and we have to be really tight with our money. I DO have a little back up stash just in case and took some extra mentoring sessions this year just because, well, I LOVE them..so that kind of helps. Maybe, could I do this?

Mike comes home and I told him about it, and when I told him it was the weekend we would all be up there anyway he just looked at me like….um, do it!!? He said Amanda YOU LOVE her, this is a huge opportunity and you’d be able to talk to her and learn so much. This is definitely something you need and would love to do! He KNOWS when mama needs a “refresher” — aka a workshop, learning opportunity OR a chance to have purely creative time which means time to shoot and learn for fun without any deadlines or pressure. He is so right.

I STILL hesitated, noooo way, it was just too good to be true. I told him yeah well let me email my friend Angie McPherson (business website here, cause she’s awesome!) and see if she minded me moving her rain date for her maternity photos around to another date because the workshop fell on that date.

Angie pretty much forced me to almost 100% do it, and then Mike gave me the last push. I said Mike, Angie’s cool with moving it but I don’t know. Mike looked at me with a rare serious face and said AMANDA, PUSH THE BUTTON. Do it NOW before you lose the chance. OHHHH MIKE I love you for this! I LOVE that you support my career and things like this that aren’t tangible items like lenses and cameras but life changing experiences and educational opportunities! SO many sweet girls come to me and say their husbands don’t understand the need for things like this! You know what? If you learn ONE big life changing or workflow saving tip during something like this, you can change the course of your career and life and business. And just the chance to meet someone like J* who’s along with Katelyn James has had such an immense impact on my life and business is WORTH the investment! Sorry bout it, mama PUSHED THE BUTTON! The ticket is mine! :):)

THANK YOU MIKE- you always support me. I never take it for granted. I LOVE YOU for this! <3


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  1. Maria says:

    Gah I’m so excited you will be there – and this is exactly what happened with me! Love love love our hubbies

  2. Caitlin says:

    So amazing. I was just gushing over the Chicago one and so wish I could go!!

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