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You know recently I was lead through my news feed into a photographer’s forum on Facebook that mentioned something about photographers who just looooooooooooove taking money from other photographer’s and profiting from mentoring. Someone said something about how they should just start charging every single time someone asks them a question, because apparently that’s what they think mentors do.

Please– I hope these people NEVER mentor.

I’m not the best photographer in the world, and I’ll own up to that all day long. But damn if I don’t pour my heart and soul into every second of it. I cried THREE TIMES at yesterday’s wedding. I feel these moments right there along with the guests. I love my brides and grooms, I love my session clients..and someone else I absolutely adore are my mentoring and Q+A girls. There is nothing like their spirit and eagerness to learn, their drive, their hearts dripping with inspiration at every click of their camera and their minds blown when they learn something new and have those adorable little light bulb moments. So……like I said, I may not be the best, but I sure love sharing all I know and have learned that’s helped me to get where I am.

I’ve spent the last year building a community full of 90+ wonderful people that just want to better this industry. They want to be respected whether they’re new or seasoned. They want their clients to LOVE their results, their service and even better…these girls are becoming FRIENDS! I’m watching them swap headshots and work together and second shoot..it’s amazing! They know that the community I built is going to maintain a positive attitude if I have anything to do with it, and we are all watching our businesses, lives and families grow together. I’m SO gratefulA for these girls and I wish I had more time every day to write in the forum and tell them. Until then, I can only give them my love and support when they need me and get to their emails to answer any questions they have!

SO, I decided to have them over yesterday for good old family fun and food..just because. Did I shoot a long wedding the day before? Yes. Could I have rested this day and edited and worked? Of course..but you know what, life is short and these girls are awesome 😉 I missed them and wanted to see them again! I HOPE they come to OBX to visit us!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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  1. Maria Grace says:

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, Amanda! Love ya girl

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You are the best!! This group is seriously a huge part of my success (if I can call it that lol)

  3. Diana says:

    I dont know who said that about mentors, nor do I care as it was rude and I dont play into rudeness. I can personally attest to Amanda being a very kind soul and generous of her time—she doesnt know me other than possibly seeing my “likes” on her page as a follower….I needed a professional photogs advice and decided to take a shot (no pun!) and ask her opinion re possibly shooting, albeit as an amateur, a particular venue. I received a very swift, very warm, welcoming, grateful, and helpful response from her. I cant imagine this young lady being rude or greedy towards anyone!

  4. erin says:

    LOVE!!!! Hehehe my girls made the blog post!!!!! XOXOXO

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