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I have been a business owner for 8 years – and like mentioned on this blog previously, I actually went almost the ENTIRE duration of that without taking more than a week off of social media. Even when all three of our children were born, every few days at least I was still posting and checking in and showing up. Could I have taken breaks? Yes! But it didn’t feel overwhelming to me most of the time AND it was natural for me to pop on and share. Also, I did that because I KNEW how important it was to continue to show up, be seen, share what I do and continue to use the gift of FREE social media to market my business. We wouldn’t live on the Outer Banks if it wasn’t for me growing my business, we wouldn’t have the life we do. I am GRATEFUL for social media. Don’t I sound different right now than all of the people using social media to complain about social media while still using it as a free marketing tool for their business???


As a business owner, I can not deny that social media is the main reason that my photography business grew as quickly as it did. Gratitude changes everything. When we talk about how much of a pain it is, and comparison, etc – we are missing the chance to be grateful and we are speaking that negativity into our lives. As the owner of a nonprofit that serves the homeless… I’m going to say this: comparison is the absence of gratitude for what you have. You’re comparing your business journey to hers? Wow, that is so sad. Please compare your life to a homeless person on the street instead. If we say something is bad, it will be bad for us. If we can point out the good, we will live in a MUCH healthier mindset and that’s where I want to be. That for me starts with – okay, I have a good life. It’s okay for me to strive and want more – but that is NOT going to happen with comparison and I literally want no part in that.

SO – in order for me to keep showing up and NOT be resentful or get burnt out, I have since last year began to schedule in little “reset” breaks from my main account on Instagram. Last year, it was 3 weeks in January and 3 weeks in July…and then this year it started with a month off in January and then by the time April rolled around – I KNEW I needed another break because when I show up, I REALLY, really, really like to show up with my content pre-planned (mostly, with the exception of a couple of pictures from that week in there) and with purpose. Sometimes I just post to post because it’s my feed and my life and I can do what I want to, but the majority of the content I just LOVE to have ready ahead of time. This actually keeps me off my phone more because I’m not coming up with 95% of my posts on the spot. I figured out that quarterly is a great time for me to take a break from my biggest account because I am so engaged and present when I’m there with Instagram stories and my DMs…the three month mark is when I need to reset, create new content, take a break and come back SO refreshed and ready!

Someone recently mentioned that they hate when they take a break and it effects the algorithm of their account and it’s harder to build back up, and I get it, but the way I breathe easier and stay NOT resentful is more valuable to me than stats and engagement and algorithms.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and negative about social media but you have a built a business with it, just remember that BREAKS and GRATITUDE are everything. I am a routine girl, so I LOVE repeating the same processes daily and weekly and monthly but I have to reset in order to refresh sometimes and (oh gosh it pains me to say this) breaking my routine sometimes is the best way to RESET for bigger, better things. Also – I have three businesses now so it’s super necessary for me to pull back and reevaluate quarterly (my Powersheets help with that!). If you never take off of social media, 2 weeks will feel SO long to you! 🙂 One of the best things you can do is avoid the misery loves company approach of sulking in the trendy comparison talk and work towards practicing gratitude and breaks when needed! We are SO fortunate to have this kind of technology to allow us to grow our small businesses and it is our responsibility to use it wisely and in a healthy way! 


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