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Let’s talk about what you DON’T know you need before baby..you know, the items that don’t come on that list at Babies-R-Us of suggested tools and gadgets, bath necessities and feeding supplies.

Well maybe I can change that word from need to ‘be nice to have’– because this is certainly a relative topic. Additionally– EVERYTHING to do with a new baby on the way is relative! It’s so true! And pregnancy for that matter. But I wanted to share the things that I didn’t know would be such a lifesaver for us when Cammy came along..things that you can’t pick up at the baby superstore.

1. A BJ’s (or Sam’s, etc) membership: SERIOUSLY! Buying in bulk saved our butts by the time Cammy was born! 1 week before she arrived, I severely waddled to our favorite BJ’s and stocked up (as onlookers pitied me slowwwwwwly pushing the heavy cart to the car, how didn’t I go into labor doing this???) on toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, water, frozen meals and more SNACKS. I knew once that new little lady came we would be very occupied “figuring her out” for a few weeks and thankfully I had set us up for success by stock piling things that don’t go bad right away. Concerned about not eating the healthiest? Just GETTING to eat for the first couple weeks, especially when nursing– that’s an accomplishment! I still took a prenatal , too. But we didn’t go hungry and under normal grocery circumstances we definitely would have! SO nice to be covered!


*Also, BJ’s allows you to either use two manufacturer’s coupons or one manu. & one store coupon– every time you walk in the front them have some and also, make sure they have your current address and you get a very generous amount in the mail! One time I even got a “new parent” mailer (weird..how did they know???) and got tons of coupons geared towards all the baby stuff! You can ALSO go online and print coupons on their site!

**Then, after the baby is born mamas/daddies…an AWESOME time to go is 9am when they open- on weekdays. At our two local BJ’s it’s mostly just moms with very young babies in there because let’s call it, that’s their best time of day most of the time! 🙂

2. Sun shades for your car– you know the big things that go in the windshields, like the silvery looking things? Get one for the front AND the back! You may have the sun screens on the side windows but a baby in a hot car seat isn’t fun or fair for them..and the last thing your hormones need is to jump into a hot car with a hot steering wheel. Got it???


3. A distinct plastic container/cup that is YOUR water cup– I know you’re not babies. I don’t mean to baby you. But drinking water is something you will forget. AND eating. A lot of things will slip your mind especially because you wanna spend every second with that baby and pay awesome attention to them! You will forget about yourself. Bottles of water are great too for on the go, etc– but having a distinct refillable that you must refill the second it’s empty will keep you in check. You just have to, especially if nursing because you WILL faint if you’re constantly feeding someone else and not hydrating yourself! Trust me!!!!!!!!


4. Small box or crate for your car with backup diapers, wipes, etc.- I know, you have a diaper bag..and I’m sure you are great at keeping it stocked! But, what if you aren’t? 10+ times I’ve left the house without DIAPERS in the DIAPER BAG! That’s when you give daddy a weekly task. One day every week (and we’ll talk about scheduling chores, too– IMPORTANT!) get daddy to fill up the little crate/box tucked away in the car with wipes and diapers. I’ve probably changed poor little Cammy 25% of her life in the car because we love getting out and doing girl time and shopping, just getting fresh air, etc..but having that little back up in the car? Crucial!


5. A dry erase board or printed list of general things that “need to get done”- Out of sight out of mind? That changes a little with a baby when it comes to chores. My husband and I had the BIGGEST problem between us when it came to keeping the house clean and we didn’t want to live in an unsanitary environment where the dishes were crazy crazy piled and dirty laundry was everywhere, so we needed to keep up. Sitting down and typing (and saving on your computer) an actual list of things that you clean in your house will save your BUTT! Seems trivial? Well, we are both very busy (especially me!) and I want to pay enough attention to my baby, business, husband etc that sometimes I need lists of things to be right in front of me to help. And delegating these chores is KEY. When the baby is new– daddy, you gotta do it all. Then once mama is recovered and in the swing of things, I’ll take some more of those chores back! 🙂


6. A DVR! Okay, okay, this is a frivolous item. And totally not necessary. But, if you have the option to have one for a small monthly fee, I say take it! You aren’t guaranteed to be able to stop and rest and enjoy your shows when they broadcast now but when you do finally have time to relax, you need to REALLY be doing things that make you put in minimal physical effort and truly be a lazy bum so you can recharge! I was the crazy lady cleaning the house when it was relaxing time– and guess what? My c-section scar ached horribly and especially did when I went back to shooting weddings. It still does! Take time to rest and catch up on your fave shows!!!!!! 🙂


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  1. erin says:

    OMG!! This is sooooo cute!!!!!!

    1. ahahaha oh no YOU are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. LOVE! So PUMPED about this blog series!

    1. aww YAYYYYYYY! I can’t wait to share all the nitty gritty and fun with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    I love love love this! Such good information!

  4. Laura S says:

    Here’s one to add – get the Amazon Kindle App on your Iphone or Android – great for “reading” during those middle of the night nursing sessions 🙂

  5. Krystal Comiskey says:

    Can I add 2 things I can think of off the top of my head?
    1)A waterproof changing pad ( I’m not exactly sure what they’re called but I found them at bb r us and they look like little soft blanket squares only waterproof on the middle layer. I tucked one in Charlotte’s diaper bag and laid it out over anything I changed her on (including her travel changing pad). Saved our butts (well hers mostly) so many times.

    2) some dedicated mommy alone time every day. I know some parents gasp at the thought of parents (especially new moms) needing time away from their babies 🙂 but speaking from experience, I made the mistake of thinking that would somehow make me a bad mom, so I didn’t speak up when it was getting to be too much. This time can be as simple as a ten minute walk outside when daddy ( or any other caregiver gets home) to simply walk in the pretty sunshine, or fifteen minutes to catch up on the adult news of the day, or a quick phone call to a friend, maybe even an hour long visit to the gym or a coffee trip on the weekend. I still have my mommy alone time mists every day and thought it is mostly a trip to the gym ( which is something I love) it gives my brain and body a chance to relax. Alex, as a dad, benefits from this too, because it’s special time for just him and Charlotte.

    Sorry for the long post, but I had to get that out there 🙂 . Love you Amanda!

    1. yes I totally agree! number one is a baby registry item BUT SO IMPORTANT YES– and the 2nd one? kind of my favorite..it’s soooooooooooooooooooo necessary and we made sure to do it all the time!! you’re SUCH a good mommy!!!!! 🙂

  6. Krystal Comiskey says:

    That was “mostly” not “mists”, and “though” not “thought” ha ha ha. 🙂 silly keyboard.

  7. Audrey C says:

    Amanda I love this!!! I’m so excited to read this series, I’m a photog and gonna be a new mommy in November so loving all the advice. I’d love to know what shoes you wore to weddings when you were pregnant I’m needing some for this summer 🙂 PS you make a gorgeous pregnant lady!

    1. AUDREY! Seriously CONGRATS to you! That was Cammy’s birth month and it was AMAZING to have our first little baby right in time for the holidays! You will be on cloud nine and enjoy every moment! So happy for you! 🙂

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