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It’s kind of crazy if you think about it, joining the gym mid-pregnancy, and my THIRD none the less! That was what I did last summer. As I was inevitably growing bigger and gaining weight for a great reason, I decided working out was a great idea and I joined the YMCA here in the Outer Banks. It was hands down one of THE best decisions I’ve made for myself and my family in a long time!

During my workouts in the wellness room, I would glance and see ladies with their yoga mats walking by and think…okay, I kind of want a cute yoga mat. And I like that blanket, too. Hey..I want to go to a class! Why am I not a part of this?! Is that something I can do while sporting this big belly? I assumed when joining the gym that I would not be able to be a part of classes because I pictured all classes full of out of breath sweaty people from the vigorous workout involved…but that’s NOT what all of the classes offered entail, thank gosh for us slower and growing-a-baby types, haha!!

When I read the description of the restorative yoga class, I pictured me being about 40 years younger than all of the attendees — yes, I was TOTALLY ageist! I thought I would be pregnant and sluggish amongst a bunch of slow moving grannies. The cool thing is that the class was actually a perfect mix of ALL ages! I had literally never done yoga before and I put my mat the wrong way at first, faced the wrong way, etc… it was embarrassing. I thought the front of the class was the back and definitely ended up being completely new but sitting ALL the way in the front. I was nervous at first and then bam, it was gone within about the first 10 minutes because our instructor, Kelly, is so amazing, calm, lighthearted and sweet…she made it so much easier to catch on than I ever expected!

And..restorative yoga is SIMPLE! It’s still nice and stretchy but it’s effective! I left that class wondering how I could be so still and slow yet feel SO energetic and alive and refreshed! Mentally and emotionally I felt lighter and that’s saying a lot coming from Type A stressed out me! It wasn’t too hard on my pregnant belly, I could do every pose (except child’s pose when I got super big at the end!) and nothing really hurt me even though I been having such a bad pregnancy.

Let me add, this isn’t just a pregnancy and post partum deal for me, I’m going to keep going every chance I get! It’s the *PERFECT* me time for a mama who’s among noise and chaos all day long!

If you haven’t done yoga, oh please, give this a try first if it’s an option! It’s a GREAT way to get started! Post partum I have been twice and I can’t wait to go again. I was worried the first time I went a few weeks ago because of my torn c-section incision but it was literally what I think helped it heal faster by softly stretching things out naturally. Once I went, I started to see an improvement in my mood right away  I wish it was more than once a week, I would go to all of the classes! If there is any exercise to jump back into post partum or if you’re totally wild like me and in the middle of a pregnancy joining a gym, this is where to start! You won’t regret it! 🙂

Some of the simple poses that we do in this class:



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