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It’s the simplest thing that has made the BIGGEST difference for us lately. We traded in late nights for early mornings, and the difference is undeniable. We picked up the book What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and it was SUCH an eye opener! The author, Laura Vanderkam interviews people who are successful in their careers or as entrepreneurs who also make time for the good stuff in life. A lot of this is attributed to, you guessed it! Getting that butt out of bed in the morning, sometimes before the sun does.

Let’s put it this way… I’m an efficiency-seeking business-runnin’ girl who wants to make the MOST of out of all the time I have. I am always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, and spend more time with my people. More time to be creative, inspired and on top of things as much as I can. Efficiency is my jam and starting my day right can shape how that turns out for me day after day.

I would classify myself as a morning person, generally. Until…baby three came. I’m still HAPPY in the mornings but getting out of bed is so much harder. I mean, I was having a hard time after Autumn was born and it was like I never picked back up where I left off being able to be a person who would always be able to get up early. I was just so exhausted from three kids, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

But I was also staying up until at LEAST 11:30 every night. That’s.The.Problem. And the other thing is how I was spending my time. If I kept my phone in my hand at night, I usually added 10-15 EXTRA waking minutes scrolling on social media! NO GOOD!

Now, we really really love getting to bed as early as possible. As I’m typing this, it’s 10:01 and I’m so ready to scoot in the next room and hit the bed hard, today was exhausting…EVERY day is! Have you thought about starting your mornings differently? What if you got a LITTLE quiet time before the kids were up to yourself? How would you spend it? I love making coffee, having scrambled eggs and multigrain toast and journaling or reading a couple chapters of a good current entrepreneurial book, or Nicholas Sparks of course 🙂 It honestly changes the course of my day and if I’m able to get a little work done, start a to do list and brainstorm some blog content – it’s a WIN for me!

I hope you can pick up a copy of her book or just challenge yourself to go to bed earlier and get up earlier for one week straight and see how that affects your day. We chose 5:45am because the girls are USUALLY up by 6:45. Eventually I want to get to up at 5:30am and not be tired, meaning I will NEED to be sleeping by 10pm! Whew! Most of you who are moms know you don’t get much time at all to focus solely on your needs and things that light you up (besides your little ones!) so getting in one, two or even three chapters of a good book in a quiet environment?! That’s a HUGE treat! Getting to crank out a blog post or write out your updated to do list and quietly catch up on bills without the chaotic background noise? Start your day out successfully and remember to GET YOUR SLEEP! If you’re a free spirit and you don’t like commitment and structure and scheduling…I’m here to tell you that you get to be MORE of a free spirit when you manage your time better. Think about that, pals!

And one more thing? Morning light. There is simply nothing like it. That’s just the photographer, dreamer and light lover in me 🙂



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  1. Jenn Garrott says:

    I started this habit and it’s been a game changer. I accomplish so much first thing! Another great read for thinking of this kind is The Four Hour Work Week.

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