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You can feel this couple’s love & admiration for one other within minutes of talking to them. This one was definitely lined up in the stars to happen. I asked Robin to write something to inspire others looking for true love and she gladly obliged, enjoy! 🙂

Robin & Ted’s Story!

We basically were somewhere that neither one of us wanted to be …..a BAR….I felt a tap on my shoulder…turned around and there he was….he asked me to dance and I said YES!! He was in the Army and stationed in Ohio and just so happened to be here for schooling at Ft Lee. I had been thru a terrible heartache and I wasn’t even sure I would ever trust again, but he showed me a kind of love that I had never ever felt before. From that night on I knew my life had changed, he was the kindest, most thoughtful, loving man I had ever met.….he traveled to see me as much as possible which was a 8 hour drive. My father passed away 5 months into our relationship so he never got the chance to really know this man but I am certain he would have loved him just as much as I did. After two years of us traveling back and forth to see one another he was reassigned and stationed here. So for the next 5 years he was very committed to his job and we didn’t get a lot of time together, and then he was reassigned again in 2009…only to Pennsylvania this time…we were apart for the 2010 year, we both traveled back and forth again to see one another. In April 2011 he retired after 28 years service in the U. S. Army. This past year has been full of challenges and  many changes but we love each other even more as time passes. My advice to couples today would be, show RESPECT to and for your spouse.….COMMUNICATION…that is a BIG KEY……and just know that at times you may not agree and that it is okay to agree to disagree!!!! This man IS my BEST FRIEND and I LOVE HIM with ALL MY HEART!




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